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Although these facts are never explicitly stated in the book, they suggest that the Man on the Bridge was Ho Chi Minh. This is one of my favorite novels. She is depicted as a private, but exuberant woman who delights in her weekly private salons and the attention she receives from them.

Where a love song to Manchester becomes a love... SynopsisThis is what a bad day looks like: a day when something happens.Robert Exley works for the Faculty: he spends his life making sure that nothing ever happens. Welcome to Salt, one of the UK’s foremost independent literary publishers, established in 1999. Marguerite, a down-at-heel detective, is on the trail... SynopsisIt Gets Worse is the second instalment of Nicholas Lezard’s rueful, dissolute life. "Profound Acts of Intimacy. Bình struggles to find a love, acceptance, and a home in Paris after traumatizing experiences in his youth in French-colonized Vietnam; in particular, he wrestles with his father's criticism and rejection of his homosexual son. Salt is veined with colorful characters, from Li Bing, the Chinese bureaucrat who built the world's first dam in 250 BC, to Pattillo Higgins and Anthony Lucas who, ignoring the advice of geologists, drilled an east Texas salt dome in 1901 and discovered an oil reserve so large it gave birth to the age of petroleum. Tells the history of Trinidad with a captivating style somewhat uncharacteristic of writers of Lovelace's generation. We’d love your help. House of Salt and Sorrows is a spellbinding novel filled with magic and the rustle of gossamer skirts down long, dark hallways. This video is for you!

Later in the novel, Binh admires a photo of Gertrude Stein donning a kimono. Enjoy free UK shipping on orders over £20. His story centers in Paris in his life as the cook in the home of Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas, and is supplemented by his memories of his childhood in French-colonial Vietnam. He finds this photo hidden away in the cabinet where Gertrude Stein keeps her writing journals. The pain and complexity of the colonized Caribbean.

Alice B. Toklas is another historical figure whom Truong fictionalizes in her novel. Difficult and not for the faint of heart. A ghostly choir of lost children, hermits, lovers and rough... SynopsisThe third part of Neil Campbell’s Manchester Trilogy, in which our struggling young writer finds love with a girl called Cho. In counter-terrorism,... SynopsisUrsula Owen has been a significant figure in the worlds of literature and free expression since the 1970s.

Mark Carew was born in Wales and grew up near Sudbury, Suffolk.

Every time I'd begin to read it I would start to drift off.

Finally, the most valuable photograph becomes the one of the man on the bridge. His distinctive voice ranges... Synopsis On the hottest day of the year, Ana Sharma and her mum check in to the Hotel Splendid, a place where bells seem to ring all by themselves, jam... Synopsis In Magnus we enter the world of heroes and villains, gods and monsters, good and evil.

The two men are bonded by their status as exiles from their respective homelands. Please buy #JustOneBook today and help us survive the COVID-19 pandemic and do more for readers everywhere. The word salary comes from the word salt, so salt is another way of saying labor, worth, value. Worried about eating too much Salt? he forgot time. Binh, the "Oriental" narrator, turns the West into an object of study and critiques what he sees as its strange cultural practices, such as the Steins' pampering of their dogs. Bình meets the Man on the Bridge years before he meets Gertrude Stein and Miss Toklas, in 1927. The Book of Salt is Vietnamese-American author Monique Truong's first novel; it presents a narrative through the eyes of Bình, a Vietnamese cook. His characterization of women is also wonderfully empathetic. If you love books, follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. ", Quang Bao, Jim. [1] The book uses salt and its many connotations to connect themes of love and redemption. Salt is a leading independent trade publisher established in 1999 and based in the UK. Copyright © 2020 Salt | United Kingdom | All rights reserved, We make a positive difference to your imaginative life.

The book opens with him examining two pictures taken when his Mesdames leave for America. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Driven... Synopsis Gardens, grotesqueries, historical landscapes, destruction and darkness, all collide in Tony Williams’ explosive new collection Tony Williams is roaming the earth. To create our... One hundred years after Emancipation, the diverse people of Trinidad—African, Asian, and European—have not settled into the New World. Binh represents a position in between these two extremes, as he assimilates into the French colonial structure to, for example, find work, but retains a running critique in his mind of all that he sees, thus allowing for a sort of internal rebellion. It employs the Dadaist technique of cut-up to... SynopsisA Life in Books: Books of the Year 2019Shortlisted for the Goldsmiths Prize 2019In a world where we present our diverse selves through social media, chatbots and messaging, this dark... Synopsis The South Westerlies is an attempt to know place (Gower) through the creation of a collection of short stories. Sources.

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As the title of the book suggests, salt is an important recurring image throughout the novel. Place is not a cosmetic backdrop, but an affecting agent... Synopsis Dynamic first collection from this popular Scottish poet, The Night Jar lifts the lid on a fizzing range of personas, dramas and states of mind – presenting them for... SynopsisThe Book of Revelation serves as a lonely planet guide to this outrageous place in time. He is another Vietnamese man in Paris, who has been to many places and held various jobs in the past, including cook, kitchen boy, photograph retoucher, and letter writer on the Latouche Tréville. She lives with Gertrude Stein as her companion publicly and her lover privately; Miss Toklas manages the home, including Bình's employment, allowing Gertrude Stein freedom from daily routine and allowing her more time to write. The writing was good, the characters were fully fleshed out, but for whatever reason Salt just didn't hold my attention. Chef Blériot is the head chef at the Governor-General's house in Vietnam.

Thus, through photographs, Binh finds his identity by uncovering a purpose for his life. For both photos, Binh explains precisely what he is doing in the background of each.

Minh embraces French culture and, especially, the French language, believing it holds the ticket to social advancement. by Persea.

On the other hand, because the novel itself is written through the eyes of Binh, we are presented with a sort of reverse Orientalism. He began working life as a scientist, receiving a PhD in cell physiology from Cambridge, and, until recently, was Associate Professor at Kingston University. He is compared to the "scholar-prince" described in Bình's mother's stories. Little does she... Synopsis The countryside, the near future. Need another excuse to treat yourself to a new book this week? He deals with many of the themes common amongst people in diaspora, including struggling to acquire a second language (in Binh's case, French), adapting to new social norms, and reaching out to other members from his same ethnic community (e.g. The Man on the Bridge, if he indeed is Ho Chi Minh, could be seen as the other extreme: resistance. Earl Lovelace writes like a man who completely inhabits and knows the people and places about which, from which, he writes. Miss Toklas also types Stein's handwritten work and compiles her writings. Notify me when this product is available: Synopsis The nation’s favourite annual guide to the short story, now in its ninth year. Through this photograph, Binh also realizes the significant impact the evening with the man on the bridge had on Binh's life. Bình is a gay Vietnamese cook who, at the present time in the novel, is living in Paris, working as the personal chef to Gertrude Stein and Alice Toklas. At... SynopsisBeautiful Place is a novel about leaving and losing home and making family. The Book of Salt is Vietnamese-American author Monique Truong's first novel; it presents a narrative through the eyes of Bình, a Vietnamese cook. Although continually assured of Gertrude Stein's love for her, Miss Toklas suffers from feelings of jealousy and insecurity, especially during the salons when talented young artists fawn over Stein as their idol. Refresh and try again.

such a rich and complicated novel. As a result, he shows that stories are just like pictures. He uses the photographs to tell his life story, only after Gertrude Stein has told her version of Binh's life. --Melissa Albert, New York Times bestselling author of The Hazel Wood

With a nod to Mark E. Smith – late lead singer of The Fall and... Synopsis Lyrical and at times unsettling, The Somnambulist Cookbook explores the quality of disappearance, slowly breaking down as the poems swing from rogue sonnets to fractured prose poems, reminiscent of... Synopsis The story of a man walking down a ramp, After Absalon is the culmination of Simon Okotie’s extraordinary trilogy of novels.

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