worst stadium disaster in the world


1985 - Valley Parade, Bradford - A fire, which started in rubbish underneath a stand, kills 56 fans. The two converging waves of people met. Today it is a modern, 21st century all-seated arena fit for purpose and safe for Peruvians to go and watch their national side take on their South American rivals. Scores of departing fans were joined by others bent on causing trouble in the melee, leaving more damage in their wake – houses, shops, businesses and cars were torched. As soon as someone mentions the football team from Naples, everyone thinks of one man. One thing is certain – only two people ever faced reprimand for what happened; Jorge Azambuja, the police commander who ordered the firing of tear gas into the crowd and Judge Benjamin Castaneda who led the enquiry. Police used tear gas and stuff which lead to riots and it got out of control. Following is a list of ten of the deadliest disasters in recorded history, from lowest to highest estimated death toll. Casualities: 56 died, 250 injured, In lower division game between Swansea City vs Bradford. Azambuja was sentenced to 30 months in jail. Accra Sports Stadium Disaster (Accra – 2001) In English football, it was the type of 50/50 challenge that occurred on countless occasion during a game and went unpunished – by and large they still do. The Estadio Nacional has undergone extensive and repeated refurbishments since the disaster of May 24th, 1964. Twenty-one prisoners from one of Lima’s jails also managed to escape in the confusion.

2000 - Monrovia, Liberia - Three people suffocated to death and others were injured as thousands of fans forced their way into an overcrowded stadium for a World Cup qualifier between Liberia and Chad. ———————————————————————————————————————————– ———————————————————————————————————————————– Even in continental and South American football, where the high foot is tolerated to a far lesser degree, the Lobaton challenge was innocuous. It was result of stadium structure where authorities failed to control the flow of fans. Unsurprisingly, the overwhelming majority of the dead were victims of asphyxia or internal haemorrhaging. Witnesses claim to have seen several civilians either wounded or killed by police gunfire, and although none were listed in the official records of the fatalities, it is very likely that such deaths did occur. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Causalties: 127 The Peruvian authorities’ efforts to investigate the horrific tragedy and unfathomable loss of life seem to have been fairly listless. Casualties: 26, The first big tragedy in football world was back in the days when many stadiums were using wooden terrace, and in 1902 when Scotland hosted England for International match one part of wooden tarrece broke and 26 people lost their lives. He was fined and his report thrown out. ———————————————————————————————————————————– 1996 - Lusaka, Zambia - Nine soccer fans were crushed to death and 78 others injured during a stampede following Zambia's victory over Sudan in a World Cup qualifying game.

Ibrox Stadium ———————————————————————————————————————————– 1992 - Bastia, France - At least eight people are killed and 400 injured when a crowded temporary stand collapses at a match between Bastia and Marseille. With the game close to its conclusion, the fans’ consternation at the chalking off of what seemed a legitimate goal spilled out from the terraces and onto the pitch. A total of 66 people died in what was the biggest stadium disaster in Great Britain at that time. The second man – Edilberto Cuenca – was assaulted by a group of police officers and set upon by their dogs in plain view of everyone.

2001 - Johannesburg, South Africa - At least 43 people were killed, including two children, and 155 injured during a league match between Kaiser Chiefs and Orlando Pirates at an overcrowded soccer stadium. Cause: Riots. Diego Armando Maradona.

Casualties: 33, Total of more than 400 people injured and 33 died in what was at the time biggest stadim tragedy, when Stoke played Bolton Wanderers in Bolton, a massive crowd gather which is believed to be around 85,000 but stadium was not build to take even half of that, so the metal crush barriers broke and 33 people lost their lives. 1946 - Burnden Park, Bolton - 33 die and 500 are injured when a wall collapses during a cup tie between Bolton and Stoke. As numbers swelled inside the tunnels and on the stairs, the crush began extinguishing lives at an unprecedented rate at a sporting event. Ibrox Stadium Disaster (Glasgow – 1902) 1967 - Turkey - A disallowed goal in a Turkish game provokes a riot in which 41 die and 600 are hurt. 1985 - Brussels, Belgium - 39 fans, mostly Italians, die in rioting before the European Cup final between Liverpool and Juventus at the Heysel Stadium.

1902 - Ibrox Park, Glasgow - 25 are killed and 517 injured when the West Stand collapses during an international between England and Scotland.

———————————————————————————————————————————– ———————————————————————————————————————————– To make matters worse, the explosion was kept secret from the outside world by the USSR for three decades. It is the worst recorded stadium disaster in history. Heysel Stadium (Brussels – 1985) Casualties: 96, In the FA Cup final tie between Liverpool vs Nottingham Forest, which is by far the most talked about and famous stadium disaster got hooribly wrong and took 96 fans lives. Valley Parade stadium got into the blaze engulfed and because of the wooden structure of the stadium got into flames which lead to big disaster and more than 265 people got burn injuries while 56 people died. It was predatory; opportunistic. People outside tried to push into Ellis Park stadium and were trapped against barbed wire. Thousands of frightened supporters took flight and made haste for the exits. This particular... For a number of years, the idea of a European Super League has circulated, a league which would take the... S.S.C. The headed flick on arrived at the back post where Victor Kilo Lobaton stole in undetected. Initially, two men entered the field of play. In 1983, Brighton and Hove Albion repeated which party trick first performed by Leicester City in 1969?

These two incidents, rather than the decision not to award Peru a goal, are the likely spark that caused the violence that followed. But the gates were closed, and as those at the foot of the stairs found their way out blocked, they made their way back up towards the fleeing supporters and the rampaging police and their tear gas. Napoli: The 1987/88 title that was thrown away, “They shot the wrong Kennedy”: The Alan Kennedy story, Jimmy Melia’s dancing shoes: The story of Brighton’s 1983 FA Cup run, Cross-border leagues: The future of ‘lesser’ European football, Alderley Edge: It’s a Rich, Rich, Rich Man’s World, Old wounds, revenge and national pride: The story of Algeria and Egypt’s tie-breaking playoff, Absence: Manchester Utd and the 1999/2000 FA Cup. Today it is a modern, 21st century all-seated arena fit for purpose and safe for Peruvians to go and watch their national side take on their South American rivals. 1982 - Moscow, USSR - Up to 340 people are crushed to death when fans leaving the stadium try to re-enter the stands after a last-minute goal in a UEFA Cup tie between Moscow Spartak and Dutch side Haarlem at the Luzhniki stadium, according to Sovietsky Sport. The crowd were incensed at the unnecessary force doled out to two of its own by the Peruvian police; more tried to scale the perimeter fencing as various objects began raining down from the stands.

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