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For the 2019–2020 broadcast year, Bell Media is working with approximately 60 production companies across the country to create hundreds of hours of original content in both French and English. As a result, CTV News Channel and CP24 were made available for free to many cable and home satellite subscribers.CTV launched the CTV National News with Lisa LaFlamme podcast. (approved by the CRTC in June of 1996). In its application, Bell indicated that the transmitters rebroadcast the signals of various stations across the country and none offered programming that differed from that which was offered by the originating stations. Allan Slaight was distraught over the prospect of new competition for his new acquisition.

Only Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto were connected by microwave but there was some exchange of Canadian programs with the other stations.

Why don't libraries smell like bookstores? CHFD-TV Thunder Bay was granted a twin-stick licence to bring CTV to the region. After 21 years of Liberal government in Canada, the Conservatives, under Prime Minister John Diefenbaker, came to power in 1957. Designers Stewart and Morrison were commissioned to create the Network's new logo and give the network a look to distinguish itself from the already familiar CBC. Baton's Bassett and Eaton families decided the way to gain control of CTV was to own as many member stations as possible. As part of the agreement, Corus would sell its 20% interest in Food Network Canada to Shaw Media. It ran in the 10:00 pm Thursday time slot for five years and contained all the missing factors that the CRTC had asked for over the years. On December 5th, CTVglobemedia announced the sale of half its 15.4% stake in Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment to Lawrence Tanenbaum, giving him a total of 20.5% ownership. However, on February 13th the CRTC issued a Notice of Consultation asking for input from broadcasters on several matters, and stated its predisposition to issue short-term over-the air licence renewals, and address long-term renewals with the various corporate groups in the spring of 2010. Outstanding network shares were still held by WIC (BCTV) Vancouver and Moffat, CKY-TV Winnipeg, both whom after some negotiation sold their shares in the CTV network to Baton. On August 31, the two companies announced that BGM had been successful in its offer to acquire approximately 6.7 million common shares and approximately 19.2 million non-voting Class B shares of CHUM.

The victors were - Halifax - the Finlay MacDonald group - CJCH-TV; Montreal - the Canadian Marconi Co. - CFCF-TV; Ottawa - Ernie Bushnell's group - CJOH-TV; Toronto - Baton - the Bassett group - CFTO-TV; Winnipeg - the Moffat group - CJAY-TV (CKY-TV); Edmonton - the CBC (CBXT), (which would relieve CFRN-TV of its CBC affiliation); Calgary - the Love organization - CFCN-TV; Vancouver - the Vantel group - CHAN-TV (BCTV). Baton's Bassett, after promising a $ 20 million state of the art operation and millions of dollars in Canadian programming, was granted the licence. In June BCE submitted their brief to the CRTC with the largest "benefits package" ever presented to the regulative body. Bell said it was "appalled that the CRTC would come to a decision that so negatively impact(ed) Canadian consumers and the national broadcast industry, contravene(d) its own policy and (was) tainted by behind-the-scenes lobbying by Bell's cable rivals.". The hearing was scheduled for early 1987. This policy was developed to prepare both the broadcasting industry and the Commission for the new reality of large, integrated broadcasting ownership groups. Baton's Doug Bassett was on the move again, this time in Northern Ontario, where four "twin stick" operations in Sudbury, North Bay, Timmins and Sault Ste. Please sign up below to gain access to this content. facility in Toronto’s Port Lands. At times, this put them in direct competition with their own Network. As a result, the CRTC encouraged the CTV stations to make arrangements with these smaller market stations to ensure their survival. As Canada’s destination for news, sports, and entertainment across every screen, Bell Media properties receive top viewership in conventional television, pay TV and specialty channels, and continued growth in digital platforms like the bilingual Crave. On May 10th, the Supreme Court of Canada announced that Bell Media and NBC's application for leave to appeal from the judgment of the Federal Court of Appeal dated December 18, 2017, in respect of Simultaneous Substitution of commercials in the Super Bowl, had been granted with costs. In August, the CRTC gave approval to the Baton/CHUM exchange of stations which put Baton in control of the CTV Network. The stations were not happy with his approach, but neither did most want the bigger market stations to have control. Furthermore, this increase would have to apply after 8:00 pm, and the Commission wanted more programming that would reflect the cultural life of Quebec to the rest of Canada, as well as more shows directed at children. After much wrangling with Bassett and the BBG, Caldwell did get seven signatures from the group to proceed with his application for a network, which was finally granted by the BBG in time for the 1961 CFL Football season to be telecast in Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal. In the fall, CTV's first truly Canadian drama series was launched. CTV won a partial victory at court, but lost its appeal to the Supreme Court in a decision announced in April 1982. 1" position in the Toronto market, and that of course cost the network money.

He initially worked as part of two-anchor team with Harvey Kirck, but would eventually take on a sole role in 1984 as the private network's National News anchor.

On August 22, the CRTC approved the sale by Le Groupe Vidéotron Ltée of CF-12 Inc., (CFCF-TV) to WIC Television Ltd. (70%), and Capital Communications CDPQ inc. (30%).

In January, after a hotly contested hearing, the CRTC approved a Baton TV licence for CIVT Vancouver. On June 27, 2013, the CRTC approved the application by Astral Media Inc. to sell its pay and specialty television channels, conventional television stations and radio stations to BCE Inc, subject to certain conditions.

The programming undertakings required to be sold were CHHR-FM Vancouver, CKZZ-FM Vancouver, CISL Vancouver, CFQX-FM Selkirk, CHBM-FM Toronto, CKQB-FM Ottawa-Gatineau and CJOT-FM Ottawa-Gatineau, CKCE-FM Calgary, CHIQ-FM Winnipeg and CFXJ-FM Toronto. "E.N.G." Bell Canada and Bell Media, which held the Canadian rights to the game under a multi-year contract with the NFL, and the NFL, had both appealed the Order through the courts until the actions were joined and the Supreme Court agreed to hear both actions together.

ATV was a CTV affiliate. On October 6th, CTVglobemedia announced that Kevin Crull would be joining the company as its Chief Operating Officer. In September, CTV’s Canadian Idol, using the British franchised format that had made American Idol a smash hit series in the spring, became the biggest hit Canadian series for over twenty years, with audiences approaching 3,000,000 viewers. On December 15th, CTV announced that Wendy Freeman, a 17-year veteran at the Network, who had held the position of Vice President and Executive Producer at CTV News since 2001, would become President of News on January 3rd 2011. These smaller communities were concerned that the competition from the larger centres, if done by competitive re-broadcasting transmitters, would threaten their survival. These three companies said they believed that the deal should be stopped, "because it (would) be bad for consumers and bad for Canada". "This decision preserves the tremendous value the transaction represents to consumers, the Canadian media community, and Astral and Bell shareholders.". The stations tried to work in harmony with the Caldwell network but it was always difficult since it was a forced marriage. On the same day, March 4th, Corus Entertainment Inc. announced that it had entered into a number of agreements with Bell and separately with Shaw Media, and subject to CRTC approval (see below), which would "...extend Corus' portfolio of radio assets into Ottawa, consolidate Corus' ownership of ABC Spark and Teletoon, and enable Corus to become a significant media contributor in the Québec and the French-language specialty television market". A new CTV logo was born, and was still in use in 2018 - the red "C", the blue "T" and the green "V" - just in time for the start of colour TV in Canada, Sept. 1st, 1967.

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