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TrakPak  ships from the US to most major destinations in Europe, including Germany, Spain, France and the UK. When will TrakPak collect my parcel? Yes. You can drop off your FedEx Express shipments, pick up shipping supplies, and more at any FedEx Ship Center®.

Tracking a shipment has never been so easy. This is a more cost-effective way of shipping, which is why TrakPak tends to be one of the cheapest options for shipping internationally. Use FedEx packaging or use your own packaging with a FedEx shipping label. If the items inside are fragile, make sure they are wrapped separately. Parcel drop-off services . From:

P2P TrakPak is a mail forwarder which specialises in providing fully tacked worldwide delivery solutions designed for eCommerce retailers. Securely attach all shipping labels and customs documents provided by Parcel Monkey. Learn more about what couriers do and the things you should consider before you book one. Yes, it does. Tracking updates may be less frequent than a standard courier service and there could be delays between scans, however, you will receive basic tracking updates, including when it has been shipped, when it has arrived in the destination country and when it has been delivered to the recipient. When you book TrakPak drop-off online with Parcel Monkey, we’ll provide you with two shipping labels - one for the US sorting facility and one for the final international destination. When you get a shipping price from our shipping calculator, you can choose from a wide range of delivery companies. Couriers generally make collections between 9am and 6pm. These allow you can connect your Shopify store or eBay account and your orders on those marketplaces will be mapped to the best shipping prices we can offer, ready for you to book. Hadn't expected it to arrive as quickly as it did, price was very good as well.

The domestic leg of the journey is fulfilled by a local courier company, such as FedEx, who will send your package to a sorting depot, where it will be sorted and shipped overseas by TrakPak. TrakPak includes online tracking, so you can track your package to its destination. Unlike traditional courier services, TrakPak utilizes the expertise of more than one carrier to make the delivery, so your package will be handled by FedEx for the US domestic leg of the journey and a local carrier in the destination country will make the final delivery. However, if it’s more convenient to drop off your package, you can book a drop-off service and drop off your package at your local FedEx shop. We then take a few more details from you including the exact dimensions of the package which is very important to ensure you pay the correct price to have your item shipped in the US or internationally. Although the TrakPak shipping service was purpose-built to help eCommerce retailers reduce the cost of international shipping, TrakPak is used by both businesses and individuals to send goods cheaply to destinations around the world and with our discounted TrakPak shipping rates, international shipping is even cheaper. Drop-off services are generally cheaper than collected services, so you can make extra savings by booking TrakPak drop-off. TrakPak transit times to Europe from the US range from 4-14 business days.

If you’d like to send a package with TrakPak, you can get a TrakPak quote via our shipping calculator. Drop services are cheaper than pick-up and delivery services and no matter which shipping company you choose, there’s bound to be a drop-off location nearby.

TrakPak Tracking FedEx is open for normal service on Martin Luther King Day.

We can save you time and money as we group together all the best courier services to ship your package with in one place so you can pick and choose the perfect courier for your package. FedEx Drop Box FedEx Drop Boxes accept most letters and packages up to 20” x 12” x 6”. Seal any openings of the box with layers of tape to ensure the box does not open. There are thousands of FedEx drop-off locations nationwide and you can find your nearest FedEx drop-off quickly and easily by clicking the TrakPak locations button above. You can track your TrakPak delivery by entering your Parcel Monkey reference number into our TrakPak tracking tool. When you book TrakPak it includes protection cover up to $50. TrakPak is available as a drop-off or a collected service, so you can choose which service is most convenient for you. Where's your parcel going? Find out more about TrakPak shipping. This is a particularly popular and cost-effective option for customers shipping small packages overseas. TrakPak allows you to send to a wide range of destinations all over the world. Yes, Parcel Monkey will organise the courier of your choice to come and pick the package up from you. You can find drop-off locations for TrakPak Shipping by clicking the link below.

TrakPak Locations. You can find drop-off locations for TrakPak Shipping by clicking the link below. Give Parcel Monitor a try to forget the worry of package tracking. Getting a shipping quote is really simple with our easy to use quote engine. Learn more about how to print and attach shipping labels.

Please also provide contents of the shipment are and the correct value and description of the goods inside your package.

Bring packages too large for the drop box to a staffed FedEx location. Find out how to print your customs form and ensure your package clears customs without unnecessary delays by following our customs advice. When you book TrakPak through Parcel Monkey, you will have access to P2P TrakPak tracking and be able to track the progress of your package through our TrakPak tracking tool. TrakPak - drop off and collected services. Always check your items are not prohibited or restrcited too. FedEx will then transport your package to a central sorting facility in the US where it will be sorted and shipped internationally. If you want to get multiple shipping quotes all at one time, we now offer Bulk Shipping tools. Both labels should be printed and secured to your package, along with the customs documents which will be generated during the booking process.

TrakPak Locations Get an instant quote and book now. When you compare prices using the Parcel Monkey shipping calculator you will also be able to compare estimated shipping times, so you can ensure you book a service that will suit your needs. TrakPak Shipping Services.

Find your nearest TrakPak drop-off location, We’ll help you to find the right courier service, We compare prices for shipping to over 240 destinations, We compare prices for pickup & drop-off services. Help us improve the accuracy of your quote by giving us a little more information. Get a Quote. Just provide us with weight, dimensions and destination of your package and we’ll show you quotes from multiple shipping companies, including P2P TrakPak, so you can compare prices and book a service that suits your needs. Either drop off your package at your local FedEx drop off location or book a courier collection from your home or work address. What's the difference between TrakPak and DHL eCommerce? The courier will then come and pick this up from your home or work address on the date you have selected at the time of booking. Select the country you are shipping from and the country you are shipping to. This is included in our booking process for TrakPak, so all you have to do is answer the questions accurately, print out the completed form and attach it to your package. All packages should be packed well enough to be transported safely across long distances, potentially being passed through a range of vehicles and warehouses depending on which destination you are shipping to.

Once you have placed an order and arranged for the delivery company to come and collect from you, a shipping label is provided on your Parcel Monkey account ready for you to print out and attach to your package. No pickup or delivery service is provided on Saturdays, Sundays or the following US holidays: * As Easter falls on Sunday in 2020 FedEx has decided to observe this holiday on Monday, April 13th. Fill any spaces in the box with polystyrene chips. Our shipping calculator will always give you a range of prices and couriers to choose from so you can book the best service to match your needs. TrakPak is an economy shipping service, so transit times are longer than standard shipping. This will direct you to the FedEx locations page, where you'll be able to enter your location to find a FedEx drop-off nearby. Check the shipping status of any TrakPak parcel or package whether it is local or international just with a single click. TrakPak. Select a courier service that suits your budget and will ensure that the transit times you need are met. ** Independence Day will be observed on 4th July but as this is a Saturday when most offices will be closed, FedEx has decided to observe the Independence holiday on 3rd July instead of 4th July. However, the TrakPak delivery service is a purpose-built eCommerce shipping network which allows you to send goods to global destinations for a fraction of the cost of a standard courier service. Book TrakPak online with Parcel Monkey and send items up to 100lbs around the globe at a discounted price. TrakPak is also available as drop off service for those who prefer to drop off rather than waiting at home for a courier pickup. Compare, book and send parcels using discounted parcel delivery services. If you’re sending a parcel overseas, you’ll need to complete a customs declaration form detailing the contents of your package and the value. For advice on packaging your item, please review our packaging advice. Shipping packages around the world can be a costly business, especially for online retailers. You'll need to attach both labels. Yes. When you ship with TrakPak from the US, the US domestic part of your parcel’s transit will be operated by FedEx, so if you’ve booked TrakPak drop-off, you will benefit from all the convenience of being able to drop off your package at a nearby FedEx drop-off location.

This is all vital information when booking your shipping, as the couriers need to know exactly what is going through their delivery network as do Customs if shipping overseas. When you book TrakPak as a drop-off or collected service with Parcel Monkey, you’ll be provided with two shipping labels to attach to your package - one label to take it to a central sort location and another label for the final delivery address. Save time & money with Parcel Monkey. TrakPak tracking is really easy and simple with Parcel Monitor. Help us improve the accuracy of your quote by giving us a little more information. Help us improve the accuracy of your quote by giving us a little more information.

The TrakPak shipping service can cater for packages large and small. Package drop-off services are a convenient way of sending a parcel without having to wait for a courier to collect it. When your package arrives at its destination country a local courier company will make the final delivery. TrakPak uses FedEx Ground for the US domestic part of your parcel’s journey.

Select the courier service that matches the delivery time frame you need and that suits your budget. This will depend on the courier service in the country you’re shipping to, but typically deliveries are made Monday-Friday only. However, if it’s more convenient to drop off your package, you can book a drop-off service and drop off your package at your local FedEx shop. Whether you’re a small business or an individual, we can help you send all kinds of goods with TrakPak, including clothing, exercise equipment and even bulky items like tents. Find your nearest TrakPak drop-off location. Change your Language, Currency and Measurement Preferences.

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