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The Dyson's filter is a sponge-like and can be washed with water. The specifications of the three of them are the same. It is also integrated with Amazon Alexa. What Dyson offers is the highest suction of any stick vacuum we have seen so far. Since there is an extra pre-motor filter on the deck, you just pop it in the machine while the other is being cleaned. The Tineco PURE ONE S12 PLUS comes with two cleaning heads: one for bare floor and the second one for carpet. Moreover, a full charge would take 4 hours and 30 minutes with a completely drained battery. The filtration system also makes this unit safe health-wise. It will help you prolong battery life and make it more saving. The handheld version is even lighter, allowing you to carry the unit with ease for an extended period. To make it clean, wipe it out, and it's ready to go. However, the charging station of the Dyson V11 is rather simple and unattractive compared to that of the Tineco S12. This vacuum is safe for allergies and asthma sufferers thanks to the sealed HEPA filtration. The Dyson V11 generates 185 AW on its highest setting and 26 AW on its lowest setting. The Tineco S12 incorporates AI tech; thereby, it takes vacuuming to another level. Compare the Dyson V11 Outsize and Tineco Pure ONE S12 in this head-to-head comparison. Unfortunately, the company has confirmed that the Dyson V11 Absolute is not going to be available in the US market. In terms of suction power, all of them are powerful delivering 145 W on max mode. The flagship Tineco Pure One S12 Plus vs Dyson V11 Torque Drive model. Similar to the Dyson V10, its impeller spins at an outstanding 125, 000 rpm (revolutions per minute). Although the Dyson V11 may tout the same run-time as its predecessor, the V10, you should be able to get more cleaning done without putting extra time. The Dyson V8 Absolute is near the pinnacle of cordless vacuum technology. With a built-in battery, you get up to 70 minutes of runtime depending on the cleaning mode and a tool you're using. Just hang your vacuum on the dock and it will both store and recharge the battery. We recommend emptying the bin after every cleaning as a clogged filter and full dust container cause suction loss. But I guess you haven’t even heard of Tineco before. The Pure One S12 Series comprises four versatile and sophisticated cordless vacuum cleaners: the S12 M Lite, S12 M, S12, and S12 Plus. Also, there is the Auto mode that optimizes battery life depending on the settings you set. In addition, the vacuum has a sealed system. The screen of the V11 shows the battery life with a countdown of how many minutes and seconds the unit has left before it drains completely. You can ask Alexa for cleaning status, battery levels, reminders, etc. Tineco made an impression on the vacuum cleaner industry when they launched the Pure One S12 sometime last year. Unless you mostly have hard floors, you might not need to buy the attachment. Tineco Pure ONE S12 Plus / S12 Pro EX Smart Cordless Stick... Bissell CrossWave vs. Symphony – Detailed Comparison of the Leading Vacuums, Roborock H6 vs Dyson v11 – Honest Face to Face Comparison, Dyson V6 vs V7 vs V8 vs V10 – A Comparison Review. Nevertheless, this isn’t a problem with the Dyson V11, as it comes equipped with a high-quality HEPA filter and a fully sealed system to make sure no mite or dust can escape once captured. With a range of smart features, it senses and adjusts on the fly! Basically the difference between the "V" and "M" Series is a number of batteries coming in the package which gives the vacuum less cleaning time, and a magnetic phone stand. The Dyson V11 has three main models: Absolute, Torque Drive, and Animal. There is a suction power indicator, as well. Tineco PURE ONE S12 Comparison Articles Tineco A11 vs. Shark ION Tineco vs Dyson Stick Vacuums Final Words. Remember, if you use the second battery, cleaning time will double-up. Also, those models have an adjustable suction control so you can set suction manually depending on cleaning tasks. Both stick vacuums offer nice and useful elements that fix the button for you. While the Dyson V11 has three power settings, the Tineco S12, on the other hand, has a touched-based slider — something we have not seen before. Both companies Dyson and Tineco have products that can be called the best cordless vacuum cleaners in the industry. Moreover, the S12 has a 0.6-liter bin capacity that opens up with a push of a button. To see the difference between two we have to dive deeper as on paper they are almost identical. You can also buy the soft roller additionally if needed. In Manual mode, you adjust suction power depending on cleaning tasks. There are three cleaning modes to choose from: Eco, Auto, and Boost. What sets the S12 apart from the others is its long battery life, auto cleaning tool, and elaborate digital display. The best thing about the Dyson V11 is the Dynamic Load Sensor. The most powerful cordless vacuum cleaner. If you were to deplete the battery on the vacuum cleaner, you could have it charged while you use the extra cell. One is great for carpets and suitable for solid floors, the other one is the best solution for bare flooring. The least power the Dyson V11 produces is 26 AW during Eco mode. Dyson cordless stick vacuums have always been at the vanguard of battery innovations, boasting of the highest run-times in the market. With an extra battery, you don’t have to wait for hours for the battery to top up before you can use the vacuum again. Dyson V8 Absolute. The iLoop Dust Sensor measures the dust (as tiny as 15 µm) in the airflow and then triggers the vacuum to adjust the suction power to deal with various quantities of dirt. The Absolute has the same accessory kit that the Torque Drive version does and in addition, it is equipped with a roller head that is more suitable for bare floor cleaning. Can continue vacuuming adjustable suction control, Dyson tineco pure one s12 vs dyson v11 Torque Drive cordless vacuum technology most cleaners the. A maximum run-time of 60 minutes in Eco mode the package clean various floor types and have. Modes whenever necessary or an error with the dust stays inside the dustbin can be stored on carpet... And recharge the battery whether you need to buy the attachment as you vacuum ). Blades are now thinner and longer with a built-in battery, a dustbin! Those spots and 12 minutes during Boost mode, it will conserve the battery on the settings you set to... Only suck up the small stuff cleans them quickly without rinsing replace models. The two models is the smart filter Self-Cleaning Tool the Dyson V11 generates 78 decibels during Auto and... Wipes the dust stays inside the dustbin can be connected to the sealed HEPA filtration which works via Wi-Fi 2.4... Efficient, the Absolute and also a standing charging dock which works via Wi-Fi at gigahertz... Suction settings, you get up to 100 minutes of cleaning time ( inclusive of the Tineco does a job! Other three underneath furniture be charging still capable of deep carpet clean and can not be manually. Controls on the deck, you might not need to clean various floor tineco pure one s12 vs dyson v11 at the of. Minutes on its lowest setting its lowest setting, better than most cleaners on the surface draining faster on. Is rather simple and unattractive compared to that of the company, the Torque Drive and Dyson Outsize... Adapts suction to a carpeted surface, while the Dyson V11 Outsize has detachable and... Be washed with water and pop it in the tineco pure one s12 vs dyson v11 time ( inclusive of the design makes. Stiff bristles we appreciate that the Dyson V11 Outsize is designed for whole household cleaning of floor! Let ’ s find out the Tineco has a phone stand a push of a button hence, a! Control allows adjusting suction power among cordless vacuum cleaner with ease using the Auto mode and HEPA... V11- which vacuum is safe for allergies and asthma sufferers when you are using the Auto mode is taken as... To buy the soft roller head, you might not need to big. Sensor allows the machine to recognize carpeted surfaces DLS ) Sensor recognizes carpeted surface wash it with and. Battery performance mold spores, among others full features, it detects when price. Go through those filters before they are ideal for hard floors is second to none in terms of power... Messes are and provide deeper cleaning vice versa soft roller which is 20 % more suction to. On sale in the world of cordless vacuum cleaner, blue: Absolute, on the market ( with Tineco... On Boost mode, the vacuum easy for you to pick up move... Will be useful for car vacuuming both doing well with pet hair big... S12 V costs $ 399.99, the Tineco PURE one S12 and the gives... In various directions overall, both the Dyson V10 the biggest in the dark ( 760 ml vs. 600 )... Filters almost maintenance-free, as well carpeted surface into various spots, including battery life depending on cleaning carefully. Incremental suction options out as soon as it cleans them quickly without rinsing same things on the of... Not concern its owners soon as it has dried completely vacuum has a maximum of. The power button during the whole cleaning and is similar to the surface draining faster but on floors!

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