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Join the mishaps and adventures of Archie and his pals: Jughead, Betty, Veronica, Reggie, Moose, and the rest of the Riverdale High gang. On Sale Now! ; Jughead breaks a mirror and believes he is jinx as things start going wrong all around him. Email List

; The Prince of Rurithania who looks like Archie comes to Riverdale to give a speech. Goodreads With Karen Burthwright, Lisa Coristine, Alyson Court, Victor Erdos. Redeem Twitter Tumblr ; Jughead breaks a mirror and believes he is jinx as things start going wrong all around him. Mrs. Schweckner is out to have Red locked up by Animal Control for turning over garbage cans. Shop Archie Comics. With Jughead's help, Archie tries to make a special perfume for Veronica for her birthday. The Best Of Archie! ; Veronica discovers Jughead is heir to viscount Forsythe P. Jones fortune. Get It Now! Available now! ; Tired of being one of the guys, dependable, and old-fashioned Betty gets a make-over. Eugene's science project shoots down a UFO; Betty and Veronica run for class president. Comics Shop ; The gang's tree house is going to be cut down for a warehouse to be built by Reggie's uncle.

| Full season and episodes - free online streaming fast high quality legal movies and TV television shows Betty and Veronica are finalists in the Junior Riverdale Beauty Contest. Characters Subscriptions Watch The New Archies Free Online.

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; Jughead gets bonked on the head which causes him to go into a trance and predict the future. Mrs. Schweckner is out to have Red locked up by Animal Control for turning over garbage cans. Pinterest The Picnic King and Queen are chosen; rivalries jeopardize the school play. Updated prequel to "The Archies" of the 1960's follows the gang in Jr. High. I Gotta Be Me or Is It You?/Sir Jughead Jones, Telegraph, Telephone, Tell Reggie/Wooden It Be Loverly, I Was a 12 Year Old Werewolf/The Prince of Riverdale, Incredible Shrinking Archie/Gunk for Gold, Jughead's Millions/Making of Mr. Righteous, Take My Butler, Please/Horray for Hollywood, North American comic books adapted to film/TV. Halloween Mystery Bundle. Ms. Grundy gives the class assignments to teach them about the adult world. Afterlife With ; Eugene makes a secret robot of himself which Moose accidentally turns on. Subscriber Login, About

Get It Now! Reggie's spoiled behavior is driving everyone crazy.

Pre-order now. Google+ Betty and Veronica run for class president, with Archie and Reggie, respectively, their campaign managers. Eugene and Amani get makeovers hoping to be noticed they both undergo changes. Privacy Policy Instagram. Copyright © 2017 The New Archies. Veronica says she'll pick up the tab for a day's worth of hamburgers for Jughead. Receive 7 books at one Scary Low Price! Archie ; Eugene and Moose switch brains and characteristics when they are zapped together. Get It Now! Reggie annoys Fangs by living up the Sadie Hawkins dance pulling pranks; The gang pursues a jewel thief betting each other that they can find. 1000 Page Comics Spark. Archie

YouTube ; Tired of teaching a rowdy bunch of kids, Ms Grundy contemplates accepting a new position. Digest Bundle Packs! Order now! A small statue of the towns founder will be awarded to an outstanding student. ; Eugene accidentally develops some bouncy magic gunk.

Archie Archie Comic Publications, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Contact, Facebook News Archie’s first-ever original young adult graphic novel! Archie saves Smithers, Veronica's butler, from a runaway piano. The boys go to Frankenstein's Cave to prove their bravery. The race is nothing but trouble as Betty and Veronica attempt to buy votes and end up in a spray-painted, sooty, sandy mess. Get It Now! S1 E1 Ballot Box Blues // The Visitor.

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