spectrum outage northridge


It went down about an hour ago and nothing is working. @johnnydynamite @Ask_Spectrum Why would I send all of this information to you..We have already called many many times about this issue so has everyone in this area experiencing the same issue..all Spectrum did is raise our bill..Shame on Spectrum and your horrible service, Second loud "boom" since Thursday that has led to a @Ask_Spectrum outage. @FED08744592

They have outage on my area. Trying to figure out if I can WFH in the morning. Month to month service is ok. How did the Massachusetts RMV become a better customer experience than dealing with @GetSpectrum ? There an outage in the 92961 area.

Why? @Ask_Spectrum is there a service outage in North Texas? responsibility? When we called the support line, they said it was an outage. Having issues? Already on a call list for when it’s back, but any update?

@ask_spectrum are issues at zip code 28173 as internet speeds are extremely slow.

@Ask_Spectrum Internet. @Ask_Spectrum is there a service outage in North Texas? That was over a week ago?

Is there an outage in my area or is it just a problem with my box? But God forbid we pay our bill a day late. UR company is stealing from UR customers!

Check Outage Status Get updated information on your power restoration.

@Ask_Spectrum It's an area issue... -per customer service recording. No ETA on repair when we called earlier this afternoon. @Ask_Spectrum Hi there, I'm having an issue with the remote control for my Spectrum receiver (a Spectrum 110-H model). You suck. I had enough of the ridiculous $$, horrible customer service, and poor quality. @onelp2 You suck. @BoondogNews
Unfortunately, Rectum Cable has a monopoly N the shit town I live N. Maybe that's why we get horrible service!

Smh. Customers were … Other stations are fine. Then another outage?!?! Since last Wednesday, they still haven't fixed mine. All Spectrum services down. Why?

@ElenaNeedsPie Currently, I’ve been expecting an outage in my area for a few hours now. . Great excuse to drink wine on our neig… https://t.co/IkexlrpXLs, Tesla Energy backup helps SpaceX Starship Mk1 face down tornadoes, power outages https://t.co/6LhIBRNF4P https://t.co/GwreRNmr3W, #Climatechange is an unfortunate reality. Spectrum is having issues since 04:00 PM EST. A tech is either going to give me a new box, which I don't want because my box is fine. Wait times to speak with an agent are long. @Ask_Spectrum - my internet is down. Is there is outage in Dallas county. @pricepd And you should officially alert your customers! @Ask_Spectrum what the hell is wrong with you service in my area? It connects to my Vizio brand TV just fine, but it has 'forgotten' how to connect to its own receiver.

UR company is stealing from UR customers! Cable internet from Charter Spectrum is available to an estimated 102. someone fr stole $450 out of my debit card to pay for some ******* @Ask_Spectrum.

@Ask_Spectrum - my internet is down. Wait times to speak with an agent are long. @Ask_Spectrum internet has been out in Durham NC since 9 am today. Alaways we are working on that issue. My issue is that the internet is going in and out in LA. Unfortunately, Rectum Cable has a monopoly N the shit town I live N. Maybe that's why we get horrible service! Finally realized I was an hour early and was trying to figure out what to do with High School age… https://t.co/5FLgHxANO8, came back on as I was preparing to go back to sleep, so now I'm trying to figure out if I want to work or sleep. @Ask_Spectrum wifi outage for hours, third time this month. @beermonkey Guess I'm lucky that the worst I see is the "stealing PepsiCo's IP is fine" and "every pop culture reference is theft" spectrum of arguments here on beer Twitter.

Stay away from the downed power lines, park vehicles in protected areas; Unplug appliances and electronics, limit cell phone use to conserve battery life; Use portable generators outdoors only, well away from open windows and doors; Pack perishable foods into a cooler, keep refrigerator and freezer doors shut as much as possible. all other apps working on the network. 40291, router has been restarted, no cable connection showing.

@leland_cottrell Hey spectrum another outage close to the same days and same time lol @GetSpectrum @Ask_Spectrum what are we paying for again it’s not service is it the outage why am I playing almost $100 a month for the service to not work when I need it ???
I'm paying for Gig-Internet, instead I can't even load a webpage, join a meeting or work from home. @Ask_Spectrum is there an internet outage in the 76006 area? @kaitlynbaase Been out over 3 hours now.

@Ask_Spectrum is there an outage in Winter Garden FL area?? Service has been out all day and no one can say why or when it will be fixed.

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