shape of life marine arthropods worksheet


__________cells at the base of choanocytes capture plankton from the water & start digesting it. 119. A few sponges are found in  __________, but these are small and not brightly colored. 111. Annelids have a tube within a tube body plan called the ___________________ where the body _______________ are located. Both leeches and earthworms produce eggs and sperm and are called        _______________________; however, leeches lack ________________ and are flattened  _________________________. The Shape of Life series focuses on the body plan of lobsters including their growth patterns. Cephalopods are the most ________________________ mollusks. 66. Their mouth is located on the underside or _________________ surface. ________________________ arthropods like insects, centipedes, & millipedes breathe through hollow air tubes called _____________________;  aquatic chelicerates like the ____________________ crab have ___________________ to breathe; spiders, ticks, and  scorpions use _____________________ to get air; and crustaceans breathe through  ______________________.
Flatworms are said to be _________________ because of their solid body. 59. A group of primarily aquatic arthropods. Flatworms are in the phylum _______________ and are flattened ______________ with  __________ symmetry. They move with         _________________ or by ____________________________. 55. Lobsters never stop growing and one lived to be almost four feet long. These stinging cells shoot out like a   _______________ and contain a __________ that can kill or paralyze their prey. 94. They play an important role in every ecosystem on the planet. 102. They usually lie ________________________ and can eject part of their _____________________ to scare away predators. Give examples of insects with complete and incomplete metamorphosis. 43. What is ecdysis and why is it necessary? Cnidarians have _______ opening into their hollow bodies called the __________ so food enters and wastes leave through this same opening. Scholars observe the body segments, muscle pattern, unique gut, and the whole body circulatory and nervous systems. Kelp Forests For Teachers 6th - 8th. Both classes have ___________ body regions, the ___________________ and abdomen, no ___________________, ____________________ legs, and ___________________ or fangs. The subphylum Chelicerarta contains the class ______________________ with the horseshoe Crab and the class ____________________ with spiders, ticks, scorpions, & mites. 2 A Suessful esign A New Kind of Animal The history of the animals whose descendants would be the first to breathe air and live on land begins over half-a-billion years ago, when the earliest members of a group called arthropods branched off from their ancestral roots – primitive, bilateral animals. Scholars then create applications for permits to conduct research of the... Annelids evolved with powerful muscles to dig deep into the ground. Arthropods .

106. 76. 77.
The ______________ is the most common free living flatworm. A group of animals possessing regional segmentation, jointed appendages, and an exoskeleton. 97. Echinoderms reproduce asexually by _____________________ or sexually with _________________ fertilization. Some of these are _________________________ which is unusual for echinoderms. 26.

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