schofield pass deaths


It says, "Dry Your Brakes. Pictures really don't capture what it's like on this pass.
Here’s a look at where Schofield Pass is located on the map. that is degrading to another person. Use the 'Report' link on Driving past the snowbridge, we were almost at waterfall of the Devil's Punchbowl. or anything.

おすすめ. Details and pics here:http://www.concours.org/co/rpt8008_grosjean.htmAnd drove up it in a bone-stock Suzuki Samurai in 1989. On this trip we had driven over the highest vehicular pass in the U.S., Mosquito Pass, and now we were ready for the "deadliest" pass in Colorado, Schofield. The Hummer really is an exceptional off road vehicle especially with a rear Detroit locker. This morning a motorcycle fan friend shared with me a recent Colorado adventure, a 25 pass trip (all on paved roads) woven through the state.

We Parked the Hummer and went for a hike down the road. The road quickly becomes narrower and rockier. PLEASE TURN OFF YOUR CAPS LOCK.

It was wide enough with loose stone on the outside edge. Finally back to civilization with an awesome view of Mount Crested Butte and the ski runs. There wasn't anything left to see.

Luckily there was plenty of room for me to easily drive around it and avoid the loose rock on the outside of the road.

WildSnow.com (July 2005) These guys did it on wet snow! She told us that the road ended up ahead, there wasn't anywhere to go and that there were all these warning signs. I've since been told that the two small streams where most people have died are beyond the bridge just after you re-enter the trees after the steep hill covered with loose rocks between the bridge and the Crystal Mill. Once things get wet or there is snow and ice all bets are off even on the easiest roads. Coronavirus LIVE updates: UK deaths latest as total confirmed cases pass 700,000. We never tried anything quite like Schofield Pass in that vehicle.

More information and images can be found here. The vehicle was packed with twelve people -- only three survived (they were either ejected or had left the vehicle before it went over the edge).

The pile of tree limbs is so close to the road it looked like it had probably blocked the road at some point and had to be cleared. The narrow and rocky road reaches an altitude of nearly 11,000 feet with several steep drop-offs. The accident that's become legend happened in July of 1970. Share with Us. Fourteen people have died in automobile accidents on the Schofield Pass road -- all from going over the edge in various places on the many miles of shelf road. The Bridge was covered in loose rocks also. 2-wheel driving anything sounds crazy for both of those passes. I didn't want to be responcible for caving rocks off the road down into the ravine.

I drove down Schofield Pass on a large 4-cylinder street motorcycle in 1980.

The Schofield pass road located in central Colorado is an old wagon route built in 1883 between Crested Butte and the Crystal / Marble area. Error! Schofield Pass is a high mountain pass at an elevation of 3.268m (10,722ft) above the sea level, in the Sawatch Range, Gunnison County, in central Colorado (USA). The beginning is a very pretty and easy short stretch of road through aspen trees. Get an email notification whenever someone contributes to the discussion. There were some nasty, deep, muddy stretches in the meadow area just before the pass, but we managed not to get stuck.

Navigating over unpredictable terrain comes best with experience.

The road was busy today with lots of people admiring the flowers. Frankly, neither of us could see what all the fuss was about. Near the junction with the Crystal River Canyon, we encountered someone driving a big GM sedan. We packed up and drove down to Crested Butte. There have been years that the snow bridge didn't melt off the road enough for the pass to be open the whole summer.

The worst accident was in 1970 when an inexperienced driver had his vehicle packed with 12 people. They don't realize that a Hummer can easily put it's two tires up the side of a wall leaving plenty of space for another vehicle to pass. Schofield pass is known as the most deadly pass in Colorado and for good reason. That's why an 8000 pound truck can float on sand. These pictures are just amazing! This comment has been removed by the author. A Texas man is lucky to be alive after tumbling more than 60 feet down from Schofield Pass near Crested Butte on September 4th, 2019.
The Blue Mesa 4 - Wheelers have improved the road.

Wow!, In light of the above we decided to drive up to the road, explore and hike up to the choke point and take some pictures. If this site has helped you consider a Donation. It leads you right behind the Maroon Bells mountains. It was mighty scary in some parts, however, very beautiful! "Schofield pass is known as the most deadly pass in Colorado and for good reason." Doug Grosjean's Ride to Schofield Pass (August 1980) "After the river crossing, Schofield Pass is a shelf road hacked out of the side of the mountain. We caught Castle Creek Road out of Aspen, drove to the end and worked our way over Pearl Pass. i would really like to read your trip report. I didn't feel like getting soaked walking across the river so we scoped out the road on the other side too make sure we could park the Hummer and leave it out of the way of any trail traffic. I really like that mountain! 『schofield pass deaths』の関連ニュース.

Steep Hill." Marble is an old town made famous because the marble used for the Lincoln Memorial and the tomb of the unknown soldier in Arlington National Cemetery was quarried there. He'd done it himself.

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