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It is predicted that the two stars will coalesce in about 2022, briefly forming a new naked-eye object. In the visible spectrum, it appears as an elliptical galaxy in a small cluster. According to the myth, Phaethon's close friend or lover, Cygnus, grieved bitterly and spent many days diving into the river to collect Phaethon's bones to give him a proper burial. [18] The fifth star in Cygnus above magnitude 3 is Aljanah[17], designated Epsilon Cygni. Collinder 421 is a particularly old open cluster at an age of approximately 1 billion years; it is of magnitude 10.1. [26] While the compact object is thought to be a neutron star or possibly a black hole,[27] it is possible that the object is instead a more exotic stellar remnant, possibly the first discovered quark star, hypothesized due to its production of cosmic rays[28] that cannot be explained if the object is a normal neutron star. Two other emission nebulae include Sharpless 2-112 and Sharpless 2-115.

It has low surface brightness because it is so large; at its widest, the North America Nebula is 2 degrees across. Cygnus A is the first radio galaxy discovered; at a distance of 730 million light-years from Earth, it is the closest powerful radio galaxy. Its traditional name means "breast" and refers to its position in the constellation. It is classified as an active galaxy because the supermassive black hole at its nucleus is accreting matter, which produces two jets of matter from the poles. However, its characteristic shape is only visible in long-exposure photographs – it is difficult to observe in telescopes because of its low surface brightness. L'étoile P Cygni (étoile P dans la constellation du Cygne) est une étoile variable de type Wolf-Rayet. Estrelas principais. [10], There are several bright stars in Cygnus.

The system is 380 light-years away and is visible in large binoculars and all amateur telescopes. Elle fut découverte en 1600 par Willem Blaeu alors qu'elle entrait en activité. Sharpless 2–115 is another emission nebula with a complex pattern of light and dark patches. [45] The naked-eye star 16 Cygni, a triple star approximately 70 light-years from Earth composed two Sun-like stars and a red dwarf,[46] contains a planet orbiting one of the sun-like stars, found due to variations in the star's radial velocity. One of the stars of this association, NML Cygni, is one of the largest stars currently known. [47] Gliese 777, another naked-eye multiple star system containing a yellow star and a red dwarf, also contains a planet. The planet is somewhat similar to Jupiter, but with slightly more mass and a more eccentric orbit. 61 Cygni is significant because Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel determined its parallax in 1838, the first star to have a known parallax. Moi afastada de nós, non se coñece a súa distancia con exactitude, podendo estar entre 1600 e 3200 anos luz.O seu brillo ten que ser extraordinario, cunha luminosidade entre 60.000 e 250.000 soles.

More of the nebula's eastern portion is visible with an O III (doubly ionized oxygen) filter. The "Soap bubble nebula" (PN G75.5+1.7), near the Crescent nebula, was discovered on a digital image by Dave Jurasevich in 2007. Since 1715, the star has been of 5th magnitude, despite being more than 5000 light-years from Earth. It is an orange-hued giant star of magnitude 2.5, 72 light-years from Earth.[19][20]. Cygnus X-3 is a microquasar containing a Wolf–Rayet star in orbit around a very compact object,[22] with a period of only 4.8 hours. Durante los próximos años la estrella atenuó su brillo y dejó de ser visible a simple vista, pero volvió a magnitud +3,5 en 1655. [13] It is located about 3200 light-years away. More supernovae have been seen in the Fireworks Galaxy (NGC 6946) than in any other galaxy. [4], Plantilla:Listaref Les étoiles LBV sont si massives et énergétiques (typiquement 50 fois la masse du Soleil et des dizaines de milliers de fois plus lumineuses) qu'elles consomment leur combustible nucléaire très rapidement. This was the first x-ray source widely believed to be a black hole. Depuis 1715, P Cygni a été une étoile de cinquième magnitude, avec seulement de faibles fluctuations de luminosité. Localisation dans la constellation : Cygne, Nova Cyg 1600, P Cyg, 34 Cyg (Flamsteed), HD 193237, BD+37 3871, GC 28218, HIP 100044, HR 7763, SAO 69773, AAVSO 2014+37A[10]. [36] Chi Cygni is a red giant and the second-brightest Mira variable star at its maximum. [44] One of the most notable systems is the Kepler-11 system, containing six transiting planets, all within a plane of approximately one degree. [30] The system is interesting due to the rather small mass of the companion star, as most millisecond pulsars have much more massive companions. Also of note is the Crescent Nebula (NGC 6888), located between Gamma and Eta Cygni, which was formed by the Wolf–Rayet star HD 192163. The primary is of magnitude 5.0 and the secondary is of magnitude 7.5.

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