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Commanding officers may waive up to a year of required time-in-rate for early promote sailors in what paygrade(s)?

What leadership style provides more negative than positive feedback? Eligibility for advancement to a higher paygrade is determined by what person?

Looking for transition and veteran jobs tips? For Sailors applying for Embassy Attache duty, what is the minimum Defense Language Aptitude Battery test score? Apply to the board of corrections of naval records.

Manning control authorities have what impact on Career Management System-Interactive Detailing (CMS-ID)? As a leader, you should evaluate your worker's performance in which of the following three areas? When you transition back to civilian employment, credentials help you translate your military training and experience into something civilian employers can easily recognize. The Navy has made them part of its workforce professionalization, so getting certified can help you in your Navy career while you're still in service. Be in the appropriate rating or occupation to which the credential is mapped. A special evaluation for an E-6 should NOT be submitted for which of the following reasons? What program provides on-duty courses to help Sailors improve their reading and mathematical skills. Without the protection of the Royal Navy, U.S. merchant ships began coming under attack from the … If you have Medicare part A & B, Tricare for life can pay your Medicare copay. Which of the following Uniform Code of Military Justice articles covers missing movement of your unit? The Report and Disposition of Offense(s), NAVPERS 1626/7, does NOT serve which of the following functions? With the "Navy bucks" (NAVY $ symbol on blue square) icon Mid-term counseling should be conducted for Petty Officer First Classes in what month? For sailors applying for Embassy Attache duty, what is the maximum defense language aptitude battery test score? Performance evaluation is process by which an individual's performance in specific trait areas can be compared against what factor? 60 days after the child's birth for Active Duty and 90 days after to Child's birth for Ready Reservists. Navy COOL helps Sailors find information on certifications and licenses related to their jobs and can even provide funding to pay for credential exams and maintenance fees. Which of the following opportunities are discussed at the Career development board? A Sailor being evaluated in the same paygrade as his previous evaluation can only receive a Progressing performance evaluation under what condition? In regards to performance evaluations, a PIM used for what period of time? This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. On an evaluation, you should find the job scope of a sailor at a shore command in what block? A Career Development Board should be held for a high-year tenure (HYT) Sailor what specific number of months prior to the HYT date? The member's performance mark average was raised. What special items are discussed at a career development board? Information pertaining to off-duty education and training can best be obtained from what individual? When passing honors between ships, what total number of signal blasts ends the salute? The Navy enlisted occupational classification system consists of what major subsystems? Defense activity for non-traditional education support. Which of the following functions if NOT provided by Navy Fleet and Family Service Centers?

An officer in charge may NOT give which of the following maximum punishments? What is the purpose of military discipline? Which Career Development Board topic covers the Thrift Saving Program and investments? Confinement on bread and water or diminished rations can only be imposed on what paygrade, and while on what type of duty? The Servicemembers Opportunity College Navy (SOCNAV) program provides active-duty personnel the opportunity to earn what level degree(s)? A letter of extension for a periodic evaluation may cover what maximum number of days? COOL (Credentialing Opportunities On-Line) helps Sailor find information on certifications and licenses related to their jobs. When a Sailor accepts a split tour, he must complete what total number of months? As of 080930, a PO3 had a leave balance of 12 days. Which of the following enlisted paygrades are eligible to apply for both limited duty officer and chief warrant officer programs>.

Petty Officer Jane Doe is on sea duty aboard the USS Cruiser (non-nuclear), and Petty Officer John Doe, her husband, is being deployed for one year. Facilitating the active component to reserve component (AC2RC) program is the responsibility of what resource? What was the first military decoration awarded to individuals by the united states? Which of the following degree/certification programs are available through the Program for Afloat College Education (PACE)? Give an individual facts, whether pleasant or unpleasant. To apply for the Chief Warrant Officer program, a Chief Petty Officer must meet what age requirment, if any, by their birthday of the same year they would be selected for appointment? Selective reenlistment bonus (SRB) incentive programs , commissioning programs, A and C school opportunities. Steve Endean, who had worked with a previously established Gay Rights National Lobby from 1978, established the Human Rights Campaign Fund political action committee in 1980. Have been recommended for promotion or advancement on their most recent performance evaluation.

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