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Its sad you diss the nee MEG movie. The big question for Disney+ is what National Treasure even looks like without Cage at the forefront. All arguments that something isn’t original aren’t really all that valid! At least it is coming….long overdue!

It gave me a decent bit of chub. His hand is cut by the vine and he winces. Check out exactly what Bruckheimer had to say in the video above. OMG! How the MCU Was Made: ‘Iron Man 2’ – Contract Troubles, Recasting,…, Charlize Theron Is an Ageless Warrior in Images from Netflix's 'The Old…. COLLIDER participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means COLLIDER gets paid commissions on purchases made through our links to retailer sites. In the third National Treasure, Nic Cage will be Benjamin Franklin Gates once again. I think they should call it National Treasure 2 Sequel, instead of a threequel or end of a trilogy.

He is brought before a dark, dark lord, who turns him into… THE GHOST RIDER! What do you think the National Treasure 3 trailer will look like when an official one is released?? If only they’d mash this franchise up with Constantine 2 for a completely original and completely insane end to the trilogy. National Treasure and the second installment opened in theaters to over $800 dollars worldwide, why isn’t National Treasure 3 out yet? © 2020 JNews - Premium WordPress news & magazine theme by Jegtheme. So we get a stupid movie about a shark, but not third National Treasure? Plot unknown. Sequel to Disney's live-action version of Aladdin. Your email address will not be published. It’s the same concept but a young cast. Now National Treasure 3 is rumored to be back on screens, after the arrival of Disney Plus it is much possible now. The National Treasure movies, both directed by Turtletaub, follow historian and occasional heist mastermind Benjamin Franklin Gates (Nicolas Cage) as he hunts for treasures hidden in America’s oldest nooks and crannies. Feature film based on an amusement ride at Disney's theme parks. OF COURSE National Treasure 3 IS WORTH SEEING! The first National Treasure movie will be available on Disney Plus on April 30.

BUT WAIT! Like City of Gold which amazed everyone as its covered up by Mount Rushmore. The continuation of J.M. National Treasure #3 is highly anticipated and wanted. : Netflix’s Release Date and Cast Details. 『ナショナル・トレジャー』(National Treasure)は、トレジャーハント系の冒険アクション映画。連続活劇の影響を受けた作品。, 日本公開の際の宣伝プロデューサーを当時北海道日本ハムファイターズ所属のプロ野球選手・新庄剛志が務めた[2]。, 歴史学者であり冒険家のベンジャミン(ベン)・ゲイツは、テンプル騎士団の秘宝の秘密を受け継ぐ一族の末裔。祖父に、秘宝は当時のフリーメイソンらによってイギリスの手に渡らないようにアメリカ建国時に封印されたと聞かされて育ったベンは、成人後にトレジャーハンターとなり、富豪の冒険家イアン・ハウからトレジャーハントの出資を受け、親友のライリー・プールと共にテンプル騎士団の秘宝を探し求めていた。その過程で彼は海泡石のパイプを発見し、「アメリカ独立宣言書」に秘宝の秘密が隠されていることを突き止める。イアンは宣言書の窃盗を提案したが、ベンが堅く拒んだため、以後二人は対立する。ベンは宣言書が保管されている国立公文書館の責任者であるアビゲイル・チェイス博士やFBIにイアンの危険性を警告するが相手にされず、やむを得ず、宣言書を「保護」するために、イアン一味との銃撃戦をかいくぐりながら、自ら宣言書を盗み出す。, イアンからも追われ、さらに宣言書窃盗犯としてFBIからも指名手配されたベンは、彼らの追跡を逃れながら、秘宝の在り処につながる手がかりを次々に突き止めていく。だが、それも長くは続かず、ついにイアンに宣言書を奪われ、FBIのピーター・セダスキー捜査官にも追い詰められて逮捕されてしまう。イアンはベンがFBIに逮捕されたことを承知の上で、ベンの父であるパトリック・ゲイツを人質に取り、合流して秘宝の在り処を教えるよう脅迫する。ベンはウォール街のトリニティ教会に秘宝が隠されていることを教え、教会の地下に侵入するが、すでに宝は持ち去られた後だった。イアンはベンを殺害しようとするが、パトリックが「この場所も手がかりに過ぎず、真の秘宝はボストンにある」と嘘を教え、彼らをボストンに向かわせることで難を逃れる。その後、読み通りに真の秘宝を教会の地下で発見したベンは、セダスキー捜査官に秘宝発見の報を告げて独立宣言書を返却する。自らもフリーメイソンの会員だったセダスキーは、秘宝発見の手柄に免じてベン一行の罪状を帳消しにし、一連の騒動の原因はイアンにあるとして、彼をボストンで逮捕した。, その後、ベンとライリー、チェイスは、人類全体の秘宝発見の功績を政府から公式に認められた。彼らは秘宝の価値の1%の所有権を得て一夜にして大富豪となり、さらにベンとチェイスは結婚して夫婦となった。しかし、彼らはその立場に甘んじることなく、新たな冒険を求め続けるのであった。, 1999年初め、ジョン・タートルトーブがジム・カウフ、オーレン・アヴィヴ、チャールズ・シーガースが書いた原案を基に、1997年から映画の企画を進めていたことが明らかとなった[4]。2001年までに、企画はタッチストーン・ピクチャーズが担当することになった[5]。2003年5月にニコラス・ケイジが主演に起用され、10月までにショーン・ビーンが起用された[6][7]。脚本はコーマック&マリアンヌ・ウィバーリー(英語版)が担当し、新たな脚本が作られた[8]。, 撮影はワシントンD.C.、ニューヨーク、フィラデルフィア、ユタ州で行われた。大半のシーンはロケーション撮影されたが、独立記念館のシーンはナッツベリーファームのレプリカ館で撮影されている[9]。, Rotten Tomatoesには169件のレビューが寄せられ、平均評価5.3/10点、支持率44%の評価となっており、「『ナショナル・トレジャー』は全く宝物ではありません。しかし、その脚本を許すことが出来る人にとっては楽しい映画です」という批評となっている[10]。Metacriticでは35人の批評家によって39/100点の低評価が付けられている[11]。, ロジャー・イーバートは四つ星満点中二つ星を付けている[12]。デイヴィッド・ボードウェル(英語版)は、1950年代のディズニー映画の伝統に則った冒険活劇であるとして本作を評価し、本作を古典的なハリウッド映画の変遷に関する論文に使用している[13][14]。, http://rogerebert.suntimes.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20041118/REVIEWS/411180308/1023, The Hook: Scene Transitions in Classical Cinema, https://ja.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=ナショナル・トレジャー&oldid=79780592. But there is no official confirmation from Disney, so we can rule out this expected date too. I Am Legend 2 - Movie Sequel Release Date, Trailer & More! Marvel had diversity in the 80’s and no one freaked out. The Baywatch guy’s mentally challenged performance in Gigli couldn’t even give me that level of chub. No word on the plot, but I’m betting it’ll have something to do with a mysterious secret society that formed during the American Revolution, otherwise known as the only Revolution that ever mattered because AMERICA, and there’s a lot of money at the end of this particular mystery, but also a lot of information and power that could TIP THE SCALES or something in the world’s economy or militaries or something.

Original cast is always better than replacements. Live-action remake of Disney's animated classic 'Lilo and Stitch'. As for director Jon Turtletaub‘s National Treasure 3, which attached Bad Boys for Life writer Chris Bremner back in January, that film is still in the scripting process. Stars Yahya Abdul-Mateen II and Eddie Redmayne share their 5 reasons not to miss The Trial of the Chicago 7 on Netflix. In Journey 2 The Mysterious Island, Atlantis was already discovered in the first place. It’ll star Nic Cage again, and Diane Krugar and that weird dude who played the mentally challenged guy from Gigli who wanted to go to the Baywatch (I want the Baywatch guy in Dredd 2, just so he gets shot first). Watermelon Explosion Experiment Video: Don't Do This. Benjamin finds himself in the eigth circle of hell, along with the writers of the first two films, as they are thieves.

Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. My Brother and I are Lucky We Never Knew About This Watermelon Explosion Experiment. Live-action adaptation of Disney's animated musical version of 'The Hunchback of Notre Dame'. During a recent interview with the mega-producer for his new Starz series Hightown, our own Steve Weintraub got the details on the series, which will feature a new, younger cast. “You should have listened to Highlander’s mentor.” And so begins a new chapter of the National Treasure saga.

Couchzone Special: The films Hollywood needs to make now!!!!!!!!!!

But Nic Cage as Benjamin Franklin Gates as the lead of the National Treasure 3 cast gives me a chubby. Dredd 2 Release Date | ⓴⓴ | Trailer, Cast & More! While fans have been clamoring for a 'National Treasure 3', Jon Turteltaub, who helmed the first two movies, explains the lack of movement on the project. The sequel would follow National Treasure, which hit screens in 2004 and currently lives on Netflix, and 2007's National Treasure: Book of Secrets, which is on Disney's own streaming service. Oscars Best Picture Winners Best Picture Winners Golden Globes Emmys STARmeter Awards San Diego Comic-Con New York Comic-Con Sundance Film Festival Toronto Int'l Film Festival Awards Central Festival Central All Events The sequel would follow National Treasure, which hit screens in 2004 and currently lives on Netflix, and 2007's National Treasure: Book of Secrets, which is on Disney's own streaming service. Vampire Academy 2 (2017) Movie Trailer, Release Date & More! Your email address will not be published. That said, there’s a chance it could get greenlit and fast tracked for a holiday 2016 release (more likely it’ll join Vampire Academy 2 in 2017 though). But there is no official confirmation from Disney, so we can rule out this expected date too. There are no bad actors on the National Treasure 3 cast. Check out some of the IMDb editors' favorites movies and shows to round out your Watchlist. They might need more than John’s magic and con artist ways though… if there’s a vampire, they should call in a Daywalker… like from Blade 4! Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. The one for theatrical would be the same cast.”. That’s a terrible idea. - HalfGuarded.com, SANDY WEXLER 2 (2019) NEWS, RUMORS, SPOILER, and RELEASE DATE, My Dad vs. Satan's Raccoon - The Original Tale! National Treasure 3 currently has 6 writers listed on IMDB, even though the film is only rumored to be made in the near future. The Martian 2 (2017) The Martian Sequel news & rumors! Zombieland 2 (2018) Movie Release Date, Trailer & More! article like yours. And the movie becomes cooler because of the logic. Do I think yet another National Treasure movie has box office gold written all over it? Ahead of ‘The Force Awakens,’ a critical evaluation of the beloved franchise’s detrimental impact on American cinema. The answer is Of Course. We have a pilot script done and an outline of the future episodes.”.
‘The Mandalorian’: New Season 2 Footage Teases More Bounty Hunter Badassery, How the Original ‘Back to the Future’ Ending Inspired ‘Indiana Jones 4’, ‘The Batman’ Is Using ‘The Mandalorian’ Technology for Select Scenes, Why ‘Back to the Future 4’ Won’t Happen, According to Co-Writer Bob Gale. National Treasure is headed to Disney+ as a TV series with a younger cast, while National Treasure 3 is still in the scripting process. According to Bruckheimer, the Disney+ series is actually further along in development. No way, no how. In my opinion, if all web owners and bloggers made just right I can’t wait for national treasure 3 I’ve been waiting for a long time I love the first 2 i hope the whole cast comes back I love nick but Riley is great, I agree with you in can not wait any longer I would like to see national treasure 3 as much as you Tanya wood. It is lovely worth enough for me. If the Disney+ series is aiming for a younger cast, I kind’ve love the idea of having Cage—at least in the pilot episode—playing a mentor role of some kind. Angry Birds 2 (2018) Movie Release Date, Trailer & More! Rio 3 (2018) Movie Release Date, Trailer & More!

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