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Charlie: This is an easy name choice. Reptiles deserve great names just like any other kind of pet. Please help us improve. Reptilian names often relate to mythical lizards and dragons, although there are plenty of more recent reptilian namesakes to choose from. Consider some of the following. Lizard spirit animal teaches the sacred lessons of regeneration that we can tap into. Consider other color-related names; for example, for your green lizard: Emerald, Esmeralda, Kiwi, Avocado, or Leaf. Scoot: Many smaller lizards move like the wind, making this a perfect name (along with other, similar names such as Scooter, Racer, and Zippy). Lizard Names Inspired by Dinosaurs. 52. To fit your lizard's smaller stature, try a lizard pun name or a cute name. Lizard Meaning, and Messages. Could one of their names suit your pet lizard? Lizard Animal Totem Symbolism. Reptiles of all sorts - snakes, lizards, and turtles - are popular pets, and choosing names for reptiles can be a fun and imaginative part of adding reptilian members to the family. Names from entertainment, music, and literature also make great monikers for your pet.

54. Names for pet reptiles can be funny or cute, meaningful or silly. While a lot of pet owners want to choose a name specific to their reptile species, there are many names for pet reptiles that can work for either snakes, lizards, turtles or other pets. Take your reptile names from books and literature. © 2006-2020 LoveToKnow, Corp., except where otherwise noted. Base your pet snake's name on history, literature, or popular culture for a clever snake name suitable for snakes of any size and stripe. Bailey: This is such a hip,trendy name. But these will suit any lizard. There are many popular reptile names, so pet owners can choose any name that is meaningful for their new pet. The most popular species of pet lizards include anoles, skinks, iguanas, bearded dragons, geckos, water dragons, chameleons, and monitor lizards. Pet Lizard Names. Here are a few ideas for your lizards, large or small. If you've got a giant pet snake, it needs an impressive pet snake name to fit its stature. . Whether you need chameleon names, iguana names, or gecko names, there are plenty of great names for pet lizards (like Karma for a cool chameledon name if you're a fan of 80s music). Pet Reptile Names Names for pet reptiles. Rango – from the animated film Rango(2011) and voiced by Johnny Depp. Tricky: This was the name of the prince of dinosaurs in the Star Fox video game. However, no matter what you decide to name your pet snake, lizard, or turtle, choosing a name you like that suits you and your pet will make the bond you share with your pet that much more enjoyable. All Rights Reserved. Since snakes are so prominent in mythology and literature, there are a ton of cute names you can pull from books. Lizards make excellent pets, whether they're bearded dragons, geckos, iguanas, chameleons, or some other exotic type. Jade: Jade, of course, is green: the color of many lizards. Puns and humor are a great place to turn when naming your pet reptile. Traditional meanings of The Lizard convey that the Lizard is symbolic of heightened sensitivity, perception of subtle energies esp, and the unknown, as well as abilities of clairvoyance. While just about any name can work for any pet reptile, the most unusual names might be misunderstood or seem inappropriate, so name your pet with care. Check out some movies set in that time period, and you'll find that lizards were often filmed up close so they looked like dinosaurs. We offer many lizard pet names along with over 20,000 other pet names. A large lizard needs an impressive name. Turtle names are often culled from literature and pop culture. king snakes, corn snakes, and milk snakes. These are some of the most memorable fictional reptiles. Meanings and Origins of Names. Be aware! If you want your reptile to have a tough reputation, try these tough-sounding names. Names that mean crocodile, frog, lizard, slither, toad, Many types of snakes make great pets, including ball pythons, rosy boas, king snakes, corn snakes, and milk snakes. Names can be funny or serious. The names here can work for pet snakes, lizards, chameleons, iguanas, turtles, and, um, alligators, crocodiles, and dinosaurs. Did you know a pet gecko can live to 15 years? Try these iguana names (or names for other large lizards). Why wasn't this page useful? If you’re looking for some funny lizard name ideas, this is the list for you. You can browse, search, and save your lizard pet names until you find that perfect one. In other words, take a good look at whether or not your ego is in control instead of your heart. Geckos seem slightly more exotic than other lizards, so they need names suitable to their station in life. 51. Bumblebee: This is a great name for any yellow and black pet. Lizard Symbolism & Secrets of Regeneration . When you choose a pet turtle, consider some of these popular names. Whether you need chameleon names, iguana names, or gecko names, there are plenty of great names for pet lizards (like Karma for a cool chameledon name if you're a fan of 80s music). Whether 80s pop references or something that references the chameleon's ability to color shift, there are plenty of names for your pet. Len: Lenny the Lizard would be a great name. Consider the following: If your snake is smaller, something cute will match its size status. 100 POPULAR PET NAMES FOR LIZARDS, GECKOS, SNAKES AND REPTILES. In this case, the Lizard symbolism is letting you know that it is time to take an internal audit. So grab a book of names, a dictionary, a thesaurus or your favorite book or movie, and find your pet's name today. 53. Here are a few ideas for fun, attention-grabbing reptile names. A well cared for iguana can live to 20 years and a corn snake can easily reach its 20 th birthday too and some tortoises can have a longer average life span than a human with some species easily seeing their centennial! 55. Lizard names in fiction A testimony to lizards' popularity is the fact that they have crept their way into popular fiction. Many people you meet may be nervous or afraid of reptiles, and your pet's name can play an important role in making a first impression. . And don’t let anyone ever tell you lizards don’t have personalities - they most certainly do. What could be more fitting than a name inspired by one? Consider the following for your aquatic turtles: Slow moving and sturdy, land turtles lend themselves to all kind of clever names. Look at any lizard closely and it may remind you of a dinosaur. Other good snake names reflect the animal's appearance. 56. They are flexible and highly adaptive to their surroundings, capable of overcoming a plethora of adverse circumstances and personal attacks. Turtles are great pets for both adults and kids. Box turtles, red-eared sliders, painted turtles, and Russian tortoises are all popular species of pet turtles. The lizard animal totem is a reliable messenger from the spiritual realm. They really do look like something out of prehistoric times.

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