leopard gecko substrate


The substrate, or floor covering, needs to be natural so as to minimise the risk of impaction - a potentially fatal issue where particles become lodged inside of the belly and cause a blockage. Eye infections are common when using sand. Dr Renier Delport (BVSc.) Real CA dissolves and is absorbed through the bloodstream, this form however is not. In my opinion, visually appealing. Paper is absorbent and easy to change, and indoor/outdoor carpet works well, too.
Paper towels are also easy to change and can help monitor your leopard gecko’s stools. Although various forms of sand are used with great success by Leopard gecko keepers, none of them is 100% safe. Most of us also have a least one roll laying around and thus making it easily accessible. Where granular substrates are used, the affected area can be removed, but where non-granular substrates are used (e.g. The Zoo Med Digital Thermometer has an external sensor, an LCD layout and can read temperatures in Fahrenheit and Celsius. Leopard gecko keepers are confronted with many options when it comes to the enclosure substrate/bedding. But plastic totes, artificial hides, and mealworms aren’t either yet they’re utilized in our hobby. Many enthusiast will use these in humid hides to aide with shedding. The cons of paper towel is that it doesn’t look appealing, doesn’t create a naturalistic environment and needs frequent changing. Natural distribution and habitat of Leopard geckos. To be able to be used as both, they should contain a clean, moist substrate. When I first started keeping reptiles, I was told by a pet store employee that these were highly recommended and you use these for a variety of species. When choosing a substrate, we must consider all factors that can potentially harm your pet. Next up is the use of ceramic and vinyl tiles as flooring. The highly controversial and discussed substrate in our hobby. Are there keepers that use sand without any issues? There is a plethora of cases where the cause of impaction was due to accidental ingestion. Your email address will not be published. Many of those cases sadly resulted in the death of the animal. Let check out its characteristics with us! I like the fact that they are square and fit well with my plastic enclosures. If you take a picture and post it online, you may receive backlash for using sand. The photoperiod is the time a Leopard gecko is exposed to light over a period of 24 hours. Some people are for it, others are totally opposed to it. Be sure to use small amounts as it’s fairly damp. good hygiene practices for Leopard geckos. Temps will be hotter towards the bottom compared to the surface. The bedding is made of coconut fibers that are compressed in brick form. When digging, your lizard can injure itself accidentally. Some people are for it, others are totally opposed to it. If you are installing a tank for leopard geckos or you plan to breed and get offspring, then you need to have a moist hide. A bit tricky to heat as well but definitely doable. It is a particle substrate and has been known to cut up your reptiles. These substrates are all easy to clean and are considered safe when ingested. Some companies claim they are treated with a special enzyme which apparently helps ward off nasty odors. Each desirable substrate has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Being low maintenance, they are fairly durable.. Many enthusiast will use these in. You can purchase these at any home depot or Lowes. Some substrates are more desirable than others. A little expensive at around six bucks per 10 gallon tank. They come in brown and green mimicking grass or dirt. I haven’t heard or experienced any impaction issues with these sheets. I always use a bowl no matter the type of flooring. It will become hard and stick to the walls of the intestine causing blockage. Easy to replace, just remove and add a new sheet when it becomes dirty. The safest, or best, Leopard gecko substrates with regard to ingestion are paper- and carpet-like substrates, but they might have obvious aesthetic disadvantages. If swallowed, will almost always require surgery to remove. Can cause blockage even if consumed in small amounts. Most of us also have a least one roll laying around and thus making it easily accessible. Your email address will not be published. Artificial grass does need a vigorous disinfection strategy, though. As part of good hygiene practices, soiled substrates need to be removed at least once a day. Ceramic tile will be harder to cut as well and can chip or break. Sphagnum moss can be wetted excessively and excess water should be manually expressed. Many hobbyists will use these to line their terrarium floor. Have been used in the hobby for years with no issues. The most common substrates are paper towels, newspaper and Reptile carpet. Any bedding/substrate consisting of particles or granules (e.g.

They come in brown and green mimicking grass or dirt. I wouldn’t purchase the ones with holes due to toes and feet getting caught in them. This site uses cookies. Carpet can be cut to size and usually come in rolls. Vermiculite can be mixed with an equal volume of water. Mostly used in vivariums or live terrariums by frog keepers and crested gecko owners. I rather be safe than sorry. What are some popular substrates for leopard gecko?

Beginner leopard gecko owners will often scour the net for answers on choosing a substrate. Slate is heavier and more porous making it harder to clean. There are two types, one with holes and another as a flat sheet. Artificial grass, or Astroturf, is available from nurseries and sometimes specialised pet shops. As they move around, their underside can rub the floor and become injured. Melting point of 170F so safe for most heat pads.

Some are made from shavings of fir, cypress mulch, cedar, pine, and aspen. The substrate, or bedding, is the material that is on the floor of the Leopard gecko enclosure. . Choosing the wrong kind however can directly affect the health of your reptile. For this, several substances can be used to retain moisture, but none works like ecological earth. They can be easily cleaned with a rinse and some soap.

It comes in dirt form known as play sand and mineral or calcium based. A few reasons why I use them include: Highly absorbent which is good for soaking up urates and feces. For more information, including how to control cookies, please refer to our privacy policy page.

Even though it looks cool, I personally won’t use it for the reasons stated above.
First up in our list of substrates to avoid using in a leopard gecko’s terrarium is sand. Be sure to remove when they become wet as the ink isn’t good for your leos. There are many types of substrates that can be used for Leopard geckos. Desert terrariums are popularly created to house Leopard geckos. Absolutely, however I prefer not to use it since it’s fairly risky. Mostly used in vivariums or live terrariums by frog keepers and crested gecko owners.

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