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Jones twists the facts and outwardly lies to his people in order to uphold logic. Congressman Leo Ryan, along with a reporting crew from NBC, flew into Jonestown in mid-November 1978 to investigate supposed human rights violations within the Peoples Temple commune. Intensity refers to aspects that seem important or significant, while frequency refers to the number of times a particular word or phrase is mentioned. As mentioned earlier, frequency observation is a good way to evaluate an artifact. Y’al DUMB AF.
Through this method, I will make a thorough case for Jim Jones’ rhetorical choices on the day of his last and most powerful speech performed. Jones uses the phrase “revolutionary act” a total of six times within this recording alone to pitch the idea of suicide to his audience.

A 1991 study by Marcia Stratton used narrative method to determine that while Jones’ rhetoric was indisputably powerful, a variety of factors such as history, biography, culture, and demographics played a role in the outcome of this case. According to Jones, the greatest act of love is murder. He is also separating himself from those who did the killing. Unfortunately, before they could get on the plane, several of Jones’ loyal followers gunned down the congressman, two reporters, a cameraman, and one Peoples Temple defector.
That we lay down our lives in protest against what’s being down. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. His voice does not reach high volumes and he does not employ rowdy techniques; he does not want to ignite the crowd into a frenzy. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Follow us for more daily content. (1978). The infamous success of Jim Jones’ last speech has been studied from multiple angles outside of the sphere of communication. Stratton, M. (1991). I identified a recurrent use of ethos and a tendency to identify with his audience, a strong desire to convince his audience that suicide was the only way to absolve themselves of sin, and Jones’ skillful handling of objections and interruptions from the audience. (2008). It is unthinkable to imagine that one man could be responsible for the deaths of these people, but through rhetorical analysis, we can uncover the violently compelling rhetorical techniques that Jones had perfected throughout his career. The most noteworthy aspect of Jones’ tone is that he seems so desperate to appear as one with his people. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. 918 commune members (304 of them children) were almost all killed by cyanide-poisoned Flavour Aid. Your life has been extended to the day that you’re standing there, because of him.” McElvane’s testimony serves to prove that those involved in the Temple see themselves not as individuals, but as a collective: a whole body of people acting as one. Finally, I will give a summary of my conclusion and methodological implications. Down by the riverside. It is unclear whether he shot himself or had an accomplice do it for him, but one thing is clear: in death, the self-proclaimed deity separated himself from the people who he claimed to love so much. … though you are dead, yet you shall live, and he that liveth and believeth shall never die. This is when Jim McElvane remarks that Jones is the only reason she is living now. He comments several times that he would “like to choose [his] own death for a change.” Those in life have tormented him, and now it is up to him and his people to take a stand and actively choose their own fate. sampling jim jones, a mass murderer, is disgusting but you'd rather keep quiet to prevent a scandal. One of the most valuable assets to this study is the fact that not only am I able to read the transcripts of this particular speech, but I am able to listen to the audiotape. Jones uses pathos, to generate polarizing emotions of fear and love within his audience. Jones, who is widely known to be a powerful speaker, is visibly fatigued. yall got jim jones trending so quick but when it came to the lives of black people yall suddenly mute & go private.

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