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We create a new variable to hold the alpha, then set temp's background to a transparent black JPanel. point target for game ------We designate three keys to be in use in this program: the space bar will jump the bird, the 'b' key will start a new round after we lose, and the escape key will completely exit the program.     private int pointTarget;//this is the point         boolean over = We test for b1 and b2, and if both are non-transparent, there has been a collision. What is the procedure for engine fire at 737-800? total

and it will be very error-prone too. Participated in the Full Spectrum Laser Contest 2016. I suspect the NullPointerException is derived from the compiler not finding the image resources. The comments should explain the rest of the code. If it is static then you cannot use inheritance. * @author names The problem is I am not sure whether to create a new 'Package' and paste the code there or make a 'Class' and paste it there or whether it's a combination of both.         My thought is the process you used did some actual file compression of the resources, resulting in a FileNotFoundException. Making statements based on opinion; back them up with references or personal experience.

Nice! Scanner(System.in); else At this point, all of the classes you need are created; you just need to flesh out TopClass and PlayGameScreen. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you agree to our terms of service, privacy policy and cookie policy. With our online editor, you can edit the code, and click on a button to view the result. After the BottomPipe and TopPipe X and Y coordinates are set, we have a quick IF statement to do the same for updating the Bird object's X and Y coordinates, as well as setting the Bird object in pgs.

if (over) //find out and report who won System.out.println("Enter a name for player1");//get name for

}     } * @Author Name on Step 12. This is always the first stage of building any game.

Those details can be parameters, so that you can avoid copy-pasting code. The game clock code includes comments to explain what's going on there. In the concept building phase, you should also get an idea of the GUI layout and general gameplay characteristics of the game you will write.

If you refer to step 1, you will see a description on how and where to copy these images for the program to compile properly (from the .zip file named 'resources' at the end of step 1). By default, we must know that these classes serve a basic purpose: load the resource image used by the object, scale the image to the desired dimensions, get and set the X and Y coordinates (the upper left-hand corner of the images; xLoc and yLoc), and get the width and height of the object's image. with only minor differences in the details. As part of implementing TopClass with ActionListener, we need to create the public method actionPerformed(ActionEvent e). https://stackoverflow.com/questions/1938101/how-to-initialize-an-array-in-java, As pointed by others, the formatting could be arranged. Inside of this folder, deposit the three resource images we use (or your own): "blue_bird.png", "tube_bottom.png", and "tube_top.png". We begin by discussing the addition of the gameScreen method in TopClass - this is where the game clock resides. 3. A do while loop, however, does the check at the end.      * @param pointsToAdd the point value to be Probably 99% of the time it's better to extract common logic and generalize than to copy-paste.                 MathJax reference. "); First we sequentially set the graphics color and create the rectangle for the sky and ground, then draw the black line between them. This can all be seen in the demo video I provided in the previous step. So there is no 'triple-equals' sign. else// update scores and start next round What do you use to code? {

One thing I am trying to do is set it to where when you get past a set number of successful jumps the speed with increase. Just know you need that code here. Within the game loop, you will see several conditional statement additions relevant to the bird; each will check if we're actually on the game and not the splash screen with !isSplash.

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