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Rhino | Heath |

Maleficent | Matilda: Agatha Trunchbull | Harry Wormwood Vermithrax Pejorative |

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Master Gracey | When the aunts arrive on New York, it is implied that they drove their car underwater, which is really unrealistic, considering the distance between England and New York and how they would have been able to not breath during all that time. Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street: Sweeney Todd | Mrs. Lovett | Judge Turpin | Beadle Bamford | Jonas Fogg | Adolfo Pirelli Dr. Frankenollie | Speckles | She and Spiker use the giant peach as an attraction, making lots of money as James watches from the house, not allowed to leave or play with the other children. Beetlejuice: Beetlejuice Fantastic Mr. Fox: Boggis, Bunce and Bean | Rat Gulmarrad Real Estate, Cad Lackey | 101 Dalmatians Villains | Arpine Lusene | Sylvester Shyster | Alias Aunt Sponge Strategic Importance Synonyms, Kaa | Aunt Sponge  and Aunt Spiker are James' aunts, Spiker's sister, and one of the main antagonists of the 1996 live-action film, James and the Giant Peach.
False Bay Sharks, Mr. Whiskers | Journal Of The Royal Society Interface, Ab Cross | Br'er Fox & Br'er Bear |

Undertow | Sarousch | Wolf's Owner | Arno | Sykes | Tom, Dick & Stanley (2017) | However, James finally stands up to them and ties them up with the Spider's thread. Cold Brew Coffee, Boy: Tales of Childhood: Headmaster of Llandaff Cathedral School | Mrs. Pratchett | Captain Hardcastle

Rufus Sorghum | Nessus | Ned | ―Aunt Sponge to James. Child abuseAttempted murderAnimal crueltySlanderFraudTortureEnslavementConspiracyStarvationStalkingPsychological abuse Sometime later, Spiker and Sponge discover a peach on a withered old tree (caused by the influence of the "crocodiles tongues" that James accidentally spilled when he received them earlier from a mysterious soldier) and watch it grow to immense proportions in a matter of seconds. When she and her sister realize that James plans on leaving, Spiker and Sponge threaten their nephew by reminding him that the rhino will get him if he tries to leave, and Sponge tears up James' travel map. Razoul | Edgar Balthazar | Injun Joe | Louise Walker | Werecat Lady | Roald Dahl Wiki is a FANDOM Books Community. " Joanna | As they hear the aunts search for James, Centipede manages to cut the twig holding the giant peach to the tree, and the peach rolls away to the Atlantic Ocean with James and his insect friends inside it. Robin Hood Villains | Trigger & Nutsy | Hades | The Enormous Crocodile: Enormous Crocodile Snerbert | Malcolm | Shelley | Ram Thug | https://villains.fandom.com/wiki/Aunt_Sponge?oldid=3971783. Dark Shadows: Angelique Bouchard | Julia Hoffman 2010 Marvel Animated Universe Villains | Kazar | Arawn | Big Eyes: Walter Keane The King (2017) | Jasper & Horace | Dumbo (2019): V.A. Alice in Wonderland (2010): Red Queen | Knave of Hearts | Card Soldiers | The Jabberwock | Jubjub Bird | Hamish Ascot Hugh McRae |

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Little Hans | Later, when James arrives in New York City with the giant peach (having transformed back into his normal form by then), he is followed by his two persistent aunts, apparently somehow managing to drive their now-crushed car under the ocean and reach New York covered in seaweed and crabs.

The Lion King Villains | San Than | However, it is plausible that James would have not allowed to let his aunts die even though they tried to kill him. Sleepy Hollow (1999): Lady Van Tassel | Headless Horseman | Reverend Steenwyck Nigel | Jasper and Horace Badun (1996) | Cheshire Cat | Mighty Ducks Villains |
John Ricketts | Bluto | Nargis Dutt Net Worth, Later, Sponge notices James reading his travel map to New York City and asks why he isn't working, to which James replies, "I've finished the wood." Oogie Boogie | Kronk | Later on in the movie, Aunt Sponge is seen sitting next to Aunt Spiker in a chair and tells her sister that if she takes off both her socks, she'll see her dainty toes, to which Spiker tells Sponge not to forget how much her tummy shows. Melbourne Storm Press, Dr. Terminus |

Edward Scissorhands: Jim We run one of the largest mobile phone repair facilities in New Castle. Cutler Beckett |

Zootopia Villains, Books Zombies | Toon Patrol (Smartass, Greasy, Psycho, Wheezy & Stupid) | Miraz | Tangled Villains | Jim Bob | Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: Arthur Slugworth St Xavier High School Football Roster 2020, Mother Gothel | Batman Forever: Riddler | Two-Face | Sugar | Spice | NygmaTech (Frogmen) | Neon Gang (Neon Gang Leader) | Salvatore Maroni Sponge is also the sister of James' late father. In the movie, after James' parents get eaten by a rhinoceros, he is sent to live with his mean aunts, Spiker and Sponge, who adopt him.

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