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Since its establishment in 1892, Columbia Nursing has graduated approximately 12,000 nurses. If she is 100% sold on nursing, direct admit is the only way to go in my opinion. The school has a history of innovation: it launched the first master’s degree in clinical nursing in 1956, and it recently introduced a fifteen-month direct-entry MSN program for non … Replies to: NON Direct Admit Nursing Schools #1. bhs1978 700 replies 12 threads Member. The only way I would look at non direct ad mit is if she is not 100% sold on nursing… February 2019. The 75 Credit Program is built for non-nursing graduates in which university prepare you to fight NCLEX examination. The direct admit Nursing programs in California are UCLA, UCI, … The MDE program prepares students in the provision of evidence-based nursing … The Marquette Unversity also an excellent college of nursing they furnish nursing program for non-nursing students. The majority of the Nursing programs in California are not direct admit so you would apply after finishing the Nursing pre-req’s. Most schools … The Masters Direct Entry (MDE) Program is a full-time accelerated nursing program for non-nurse college graduates who wish to become registered nurses (RNs). There is also an online direct entry MSN program … Applying to a Direct-Entry Master’s in Nursing Programs. While eligibility requirements vary by school, direct-entry MSN programs admit students who hold a bachelor’s degree in a non-nursing major from an accredited institution.

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