how do i escalate a problem with bell


They harassed me saying I owed $176.90 to close my account, on and on and on. I accepted and installations for internet and tv were set. I will NOT REST until BELL IS SHUT DOWN MARK MY WORDS!!! So i am not sure how this will work out given that it may be funded by telecoms themselves. Now since I made the trip to return the equipment, I felt no compulsion to make a 2nd one to show my receipt for equipment they lost. To serve you faster, please be sure you have the following information available to help expedite the resolution of your concern: P.O. Mental stress and loss of work and money. I have not paid them for two months and kept asking them to adjust the bill to what was agreed to, and now they have cut out all my services inspire me escalating to their executive support team, and sending them the evidence i had from Bell sales person. Max: I am sorry, but we will not make any changes to a customers account without their permission. They just have to get the job done in a timely, complete and safe way and make sure I am informed so I can not waste life dealing with them. I vowed to escape and I did and it feels great. They will harass you and it’s all a scam I think. Saturday February 10th, 2018. I called to get it fixed. Friends don't let friends subscribe to Bell. Which id did and the bell rep sent me an email with the details. Then back to IPAD, turns out I have a cell number associated with the IPAD and the billing is separate from the internet and cable bill and it is $29.00 and I signed the contract…when I thought I was signing for the free IPAD I was actually signing a contract. He told me to call in if my bill was different from what he told me. DO NOT BUNDLE WITH BELL: You have been warned. WHAT KIND OF BUSINESS IS THIS. He asked me how much I was paying with Rogers for the said services and he said that he could lower my bill. Bell Mobility: 1 800 667-0123Bell Internet: area code + 310-SURF (7873)Bell TV: 1 888 SKY-DISH (759-3474)Bell home phone service: area code + 310-BELL (2355)For more options, visit: bell.ca/contactus. Max: I will back date the order to March 19th, 2009. I in turn I talk to the second accounts recievable person and before I talk to him I let him know I do not have patience of stupid people or people who act unreasonable, he kept on interrupting me when I tried to explain why I could pay at this time but I was going to commit a date I knew there was no issue, he in turn hung up me for no reason, finally third time a charm I got a person who could speak and understand English perfectly and I was able to commit to a date that was satisfactory of them.

Box 593, Station AToronto, ONM5W 1E4Fax: 1 800 554-5148Email address: executive.office@bell.ca. My privacy demands that I don’t provide details, as they would likely be abused. I will be paying off the current bill up to the date I had the service and not for the IPAD/Bell Mobility as they so referred it to. No, I don’t think that line of thinking is correct, largely because it lacks anything factual and defends something that is not worth defending.

Customer: It is the same question above. What i did not notice was that there was no account number on it at the time. For those of you with Bell Canada issues regarding their breach of contract while you are being held up to your end of the contract if you choose to terminate early, there is a group of individuals who are going to take this public. Then I called back and asked another representative what the total cost would be if I cancelled my satellite service. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Mediocrity shouldn’t be tolerated when it costs money and time from my family. Several times over the next 2 weeks.. finally, one support agent noted.. hey.. they had me on the “lite” package.. Well that was it.. i returned the equipment and cancelled service the next day. Archived. Customer: Max, I’m asking specific question.

I have been a bell customer for over 20 years as well, they totally screwed me over by over charging me. I said to her “you are the cancellation department and you cannot cancel my service” and she replied “I am sorry, but that is correct”. And have a blessed day. Aliant employees are schooled in taking what you’ve said and trying to make you think their your problem is your fault,if they can’t get around it altogether. We must all be firm in our stance against racism and violence. I called again about 2 weeks later and had to pay $8.00 more for 2 channels I use to have. I can’t afford court, they know it. Please verify your entries and re-submit: Forgot your username? 1-866-317-3382 You promise a customer a credit for 1 yr and then its not happening that is very bad business. So I canceled the tablet’s and was told I now have to pay the balance and drive 6 hours away to the store I signed up at to “maybe be able to return the tablet’s”. We could not get a signal. I got a call from t sales people in Sept 2017. While I agree they don’t care, I’m not letting this go - that’s what they want. As an aside - I don’t need them to care personally at this point. Do not let the customer service representative go, do not release him or her until your problem resolved! Max: Although I am very sympathetic to your situation, it would be inappropriate for us to compensate some customers and not others. Customer: What is the effective date, since which credit will be issued? Customer: My full name is xxx xxx, and registered phone number with Bell is 905-xxx-xxxx. This is their job: make problems, then resolve problems. Dec 3rd, 2017 2:56 am How can Bell keep asking me to repeat the issue and not document in a ticket? He stated: I’ve been with Bell for many years and the package you have is not basic (blah, blah blah). The man I spoke with was LEX29134, not too polite as he said well. Have of the time I can’t understand their reps. We phoned to see if bell would honour the other price quotes..new price for home phone and tv, and we were told they would not so we did not proceed with the to service…”in the meantime Bell cancelled our Shaw tv service. Password Please any info you have would be greatly appreciated. Count on the average Bell employee to not know what department to transfer you to - if you REALLY have a complaint, ask for “case management.” Make sure you speak to someone on that team.

That means going to the media. Cookies help us deliver our Services. As I had taken a night school course on “Assertiveness” training, I recognized that the Bell rep had been trained to use the techniques of assertive behaviour (eg. As I understand it a contract goes both ways. BELL ARE CROOKS !!!!! I told him that Bell’s service and price gouging is getting worse to which he said he wanted to place me on hold for a few minutes – to what end, who knows.

Bell.ca username I’m so angry – I was played for a fool by a bunch of crooks who just happen to be all South Asians who all turned out to be nasty, horrible people etc., Please forgive me if I’m all over the map… I’m so upset right now…. Max: Please be assured that we will not make any changes to a customers account without their permission. I had to move my residence and home based-business from East-end Ottawa to West-end Ottawa and spoke several times with Bell Representatives to arrange the transfer of my services. Process works based on tracking details and ensuring inputs lead to effective and timely outputs, not transferring to another person who doesn’t have the correct answer. The processes are broken, and “subjugate yourself to their run around” is not an answer I find acceptable. We suggest you write down the following information: If you're not completely satisfied with the resolution provided at this step, please proceed to Step 3. They disconnected my service without my permission.

I operated a small business for 28 years in which I had to co-ordinate with them. Dec 3rd, 2017 2:56 am I just tried going back to Bell. Max: Yes. There is no one there. Max: I am sorry, I will not be able to provide you a credit for this issue. I called Bell and they lowered our bill to $88.03 and they said from now on, our bill will be $88.03 from this month forward INCLUDING TAX. I knew she had no clue. Max: I appreciate what you are saying and can understand your frustration. I said forget it, I’m not staying on the line to listen to more bullshit and hung up on him. Is there a way to see one’s chat history with a customer service agent at Bell.ca? I can’t tell you how many fights have been created over finances in my house, only to discover the missing money went into Bell’s coffers! That gets results, no one gives a shit you lost X because of some made up reason and no one wants to listen to rambling about bullshit that does not matter. The people are right Bell will do anything and say anything to get you to sign up or over to them. COULD YOU TELL ME WHY I HAVE TO PAY ANOTHER $ 15.OO A MONTH FOR MY INTERNET. All agents lied this is being taken care of, and nothing happened. The moderators in this community have set it to private. Honestly it’s like the whole country complaining against Bell Canada like how much longer does the companies think they’rte going to get away with ripping and scamming people who pay their Bills properly but then receive bigger Bills and these attacks by Bell Canada against peoples credit I stronger advise anybody who had Bell in 2011 to check your credit back round because that’s the year Bell Hired overseas India to call and harass people. This is for lack of better teams. It’s a mistake to assume I need their acceptance, and it’s irrelevant that they think of my problem as bullshit or not. Bell came and installed Fibe TV and internet last Saturday.

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