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And as for dad, I have to eventually take over the family business and I want to do that with someone I love, not with some rich boy.

Why are you so cold? He has never been to a game but she wants him to support her. "The whole topic of soulmates was slightly touchy with mom for a while but once I was old enough and started asking about my mark, she and grandma explained to me what a soulmate really was and how soulmate bonds aren't necessarily always romantic. She's seems nice,""Ooh a she, what's her name?"

He flies off to and stops in front of his boyfriend, giving him a quick kiss. The same goes for Emma. That's an achievement. ", "What are you waiting for? She rolls up her sleeve as she gazes at it in amazement. Hayley’s POV . Brookies

He and Emma broke up a while back. Lindsay said. #futuristic

Jackie hits the ground and the rest of the team follows suit. Thank you for your request and I would love to do more requests from you. He looks for Hayley and spots her under a sign cheering Jackie on. Please consider turning it on! She teases, causing soft laughter to erupt from the pair.

"She is my home.". But between her anger and Leo being irritated about Hayley and Daniel and Aspen, they end up losing.

But no matter what, it's always there. Chapter 1. That single seed grew to be the most beautiful rose bush of all though.". He can't talk to Emma without stuttering or without being shy.2. Greenhouse Academy Crazedfanatic. Then what would be the point of it? Not to mention all the relationship drama with Jackie, Max and Emma.
"The boy worships the ground you walk on. #hayley

"I thought that I would never see you at one of these!".


Highest Ranks
She walks away from him and he watches his sister smile as Porter fixes the yellow scarf around her neck. And as they say, the rest was history.

He listens to everything you have to say and looks at you like you are the only girl in the room.". ", He shakes his head. #hayleo "Kyle." Beautiful Soul They are both rocking their green attire with pride but Alex waves to her when she sees him. "You restored my notebook. "I was just at my spot." They had their own secret language to talk to each other in and he felt left out.

20. Camping So, she was shipped from house to house, a new place every year in the hopes of being able to connect with someone and form that soulmate bond. "The way they slither... eurgh, I hate even thinking about them," he said.

It wasn't unusual to see the two of them together, heads bent over a piece of parchment discussing strategies. He got detention to spend time with you. Share via Email Report Story Send. -------- They zoomed into the sky and he watched her until she was nothing more than a red speck. #fiction Her Spot I was actually on a tv series, Mayhem Masion," "Omg, I remember you!

She throws her arms around him and he hugs her back.

We all laughed and carried on playing and talking for a bit.

Alex was telling us about the new Eagles. One hand in her hair another on her waist. Swimming #parkergrant He had no idea where she came from or how she found him or how long she had been there. I got a lot on stares from people I look around and whisper a small "sorry".

It's one of the last games of the year and there is a lot riding on it.

One of them was Daniel's cousin, and apparently she went to talk to Louis about joining the basketball team. She's dangerous with a bat but that day, during that game she was deadly, every hit meeting its target. 21. Turns out she was a pretty good teacher, I managed to learn quite a bit. "These are just my friends: Jackie, Max and Adalynn.".

He makes the walk back to the Ravenclaw Tower in a daze.

I've been through so much, earthquakes, finding my mom who was assumed dead, explosions and bombs which is scary, considering all this happened within the course of a year. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. "You play the guitar, not the ukulele," Becca said confidently. She blows him one back and Jackie can't help but smile. She could tell by his smirk that he has something to say. I also got the idea from comments in the Greenhouse Academy fandom about how they technically shouldn't have tattoos because the age limit in California is 18. She was devastated and at the brink of giving up when her saving grace came in the form of her mom. Who are those people behind you, sweetie?"

He watched Jackie flip her ponytail over her shoulder, laughing with Leo.

His hospital bills piled up and the young father couldn't take it.

She knows she could easily have told him in person but she is too tired to hold a conversation. "I'm sorry I came out so strong."

He felt this magnetic pull towards her like the moon to the earth. After the game, he watches Jackie fly off. Chapter 1 56 2 1. by sunflower_seeds_ by sunflower_seeds_ Follow. It is then that a chilling realisation dawns on him. She chases after him a few times, until Leo blew his whistle, calling the end of practice. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search This wiki This wiki All wikis | Sign In Don't have an account?

The teacher ignored her.

She finds Max in the library because where else would the Ravenclaw be?

Maybe Someday But he liked Emma so I won't get involved I want him to be happy, if he's happy I'm happy. Just some Greenhouse Academy oneshots, preferences,imagines and gif imagines!

I hope you guys enjoy this and don't forget to send in your prompts. She had described the feeling of flying as addicting. She's so perfect, beautiful and kind. "Since you told me your story, I'll tell you mine.". 14. I was quite excited to meet this new teacher. She scans the area where her friends are and finds Emma and Max laughing. A flush rose to her cheeks, "I - I mean ...". I was on my way to ask Emma to go see the satellite launch from outside but I kept thinking about Jackie. 24. Um, number 1, I have 3 cats, number 2, I love snakes and number 3, I can play the ukulele," "Easy," I said.

Another tweeted that they are "still rooting for Jackie and Max," despite her no longer being on the show, including in Season 4. This one-shot is a Dayley one and I know my plots are pretty similar but I can't help it because I love the whole 'rooftop-esque' scenes.

", Jackie steps back, shaking her head. She had seen the chemistry between the two. Jackie turns to him a short while later and he looks at her. 14. "It's stupid, really." When it gets late and the library is about to close, he walks her back to the Gryfinndor, never mind that its far from Ravenclaw. She didn't know where she was going, all she knew was that she needed to be far away, away from him and that accursed word. "I'm so happy that you two got together.

23. She explains with a smile, still reeling in the calming and refreshing effects of her earlier endeavour. I said. #jackiesanders "Because I like you, Jacqueline Sanders.".

It's not his fault that father pushed him onto me. And over time, she also realised something good came out of it. Porter grins and holds a hand out. His sister and the majority of the Ravenclaw castle are heading over there and the Slytherins would never turn down a good party and a few Gryffindors would probably head over too.

'She smells like home.'

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I keep telling myself I'll post on Sundays but I end up doing it on Monday.

Games Movies TV Video. He knows from past experience that Jackie likes to take long showers after quidditch games. Little Scar.

He thinks about all the times she used to pull him onto the broom when he was younger and how they would swoop around the yard. 3. ", "I'll be right there, Judy," Ryan nodded at her before turning back to Hayley and the others. Ryan Wood's face popped up on Hayley's Louie screen. She's helping me get with Emma while she sits around doing nothing. I like him and there has always been something there and if I lose him, I lose one of my oldest friends but it would be worth it. #mystery I decided I liked this teacher, you could tell she truly cares about people. As for your question about who I picture as Brooke when I write Brex or stories with Brooke, it really depends on the situation. ", "Aren't you scared of giving him a chance?

She doesn't care if she has no one by her side because she can stand up for herself, fight for herself. #alex As soon as she's in his reach, he wraps his arms around her, planting a quick kiss on her forehead. Fanfiction. Max touches the spot on his cheek gently. Tensions are high on game day. Comfort "Fine. "Max no your not, cmon come tell me." Also, this is not a reference to Guns and Roses, the similar title is purely coincidental. AN: Hayley and Alex are nine months apart which is why they are in the same year. He used to think science was his world. I sighed, classic Becca. Hey everyone, I'm back with a new chapter and I've realised something that's really weird. Beautiful Soul

She shakes her head and rolls her shoulders. Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings; Leo Cruz/Daniel … Double Date At least bring a jacket with you next time.

Language: English Words: 49,213 Chapters: 23/? Right now, I have a one-week break for Hari Raya (Selamat Hari Raya to all my Muslim readers!

"I know this is not what you're all used to, but I want to get to know everyone. Her Spot He broke her heart, and it took a long time for it to heal. Honestly, I don't know who they are trying to fool.". By the times she comes out the stands are empty and she decided to sit in the middle of the field her broom resting on her lap. He holds her close, allowing his body heat to transfer to her as he runs his hands up and down her arms, trying to remove the numbness she feels from the cold. Now, he knows just how important, how precious, she is to him, and he is never letting her go again. Hogwarts has advanced placement classes, which is why Jackie is in the same potions class as Hayley and Brooke is in the same Runes class as Leo. Ryan pressed her face closer, trying to get a good look at the others. 19.

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