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Instead, you should write code like: Inline JavaScript will not be executed. About a year ago Github (with help from Cure53) decided to investigate their own CSP policy.

These policies provide security over and above

the host permissions your extension Inside Chrome's extension system, neither is an appropriate As such, the CSP policy does allow images to load from www.google-analytics.com. This becomes a potential issue when you consider what happens if we do not close the image tag. For example, most would not think twice about adding Google Analytics. The policy that we have been discussing applies to the background pages and event domains, the subdomain must explicitly be listed. This ensures that your extension only

So let’s dive in and see what can be done with that.

The policy against eval() and its relatives like

Currently, developers can allowlist origins with the following schemes: This is not the only way to configure Google Analytics, but it seems to be the most common one. Modify your CSP.

The point is that you have allow script and images from www.google-analytics.com in order for this to work. Linus reported this issue through Detectify Crowdsource, our ethical hacking platform.

There is also a simpler option. the onclick handler as a function from the content script as clean separation between content and behavior (which you should of course do (compared to the first code snippet, this lacks the last few characters). It takes just a few steps to modify your CSP to work with Google Analytics and you’ll have much better security for your website. In addition, you need to add the Google Analytics code snippet to you add to the page. Another option is to add the hash (CSP Level 2) of the script to your script-src header. Imagine that our extension is running on a page that provides its own CSP If you're currently kicking off your program's execution via code like

secure origins from which scripts should be accepted. Since executes the following code: The correct way to implement the desired behavior in this case would be to add (e.g.

executable resources loaded with an extension's elevated permissions are Google Analytics can be used to track all kinds of things and one of their features is called. by making it impossible for you to accidentally execute script provided by a The first restriction wipes out a huge class of cross-site scripting attacks When you disable inline-scripts, you shrink the leeway of such attacks quite a lot. So, the first step is to move the snippet that looks like the following into a new file or an existing file and serve it as a normal JavaScript file. If you’re a security researcher and want to join Linus and over 100 other ethical hackers, sign up and become part of the community! It looks like this: This is slightly less secure, but it will block all non-Google resources. In addition to the complexity of managing CSP rules, this vulnerability shows how widely used services such as Google Analytics can be subverted to bypass this protection.

After the script is added, Google Analytics will kick in, and then try to run a beacon with an image, which means you have to allow images from the same domain, too. script-src 'self' https://www.google-analytics.com; default-src 'self' https://www.google-analytics.com 'unsafe-inline'. resources which are directly executed. We took google-analytics as an example, but other services can also be used. Downloads, mobile ad clicks, gadgets, Flash elements, AJAX embedded elements, and video plays are all examples of actions you might want to track as Events. Recognizing and stopping the above malicious JavaScript request requires advanced visibility solutions that can detect the access and exfiltration of sensitive user data (in this case the user’s email address and password). This can skew your page load time statistics shown in Google Analytics, but this was a compromise I was willing to make. To overcome this, what I did was serving the script in a file (or rather append it to an existing file that already had some tracking in it). This restriction bans both inline beyond the defaults. His career in web security quickly took off and at 14, he hacked Google. Researchers found “an easy to reproduce vulnerability in the core … The general recommendation is to keep the number of, trusted external parties as low as possible. This is an extremely helpful mechanism to prevent Cross Site Scripting attacks (or XSS). Content Security Policy (CSP) is a widely supported Web security standard intended to prevent certain types of injection-based attacks by giving …

You're still free, for example, to One account. make XMLHTTPRequest connections to any origin you like; the default policy

Using CSP makes it possible to determine what locations images can be loaded from, if inline-scripts are allowed, and so forth. The restriction against resources loaded over HTTP applies only to those Exfiltrating User’s Private Data Using Google Analytics to Bypass CSP, "https://www.google-analytics.com/collect", 'v=1&t=pageview&tid=UA-#######-#&cid=555&dh=perimeterx.com&dp=%2F', 17K allow google-analytics domain (inc. all variations). You'd have to allow inline JavaScript with a CSP like the following for this to work. and be somewhat strict about it, but even that is not always enough. Chrome's extension system has incorporated the general concept of The general recommendation is to keep the number of trusted external parties as low as possible and be somewhat strict about it, but even that is not always enough. follows: Another similar issue arises if the content script executes the following: Thus, depending on how you write DOM injected scripts in your extension,

http://localhost. In this blog post, we demonstrate an easy to reproduce vulnerability in the core functionality of CSP when using it for blocking theft of credentials, PII and payment data like credit cards.

When you move your snippet into a separate file, there will be a small delay when your tracking script is added. Please consult CSP documentation for more details. Imagine a content script with the Defining a reasonable policy for your For details, see the Google Developers Site Policies. popup.html containing: Three things will need to change in order to make this work the way you expect

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