first period after laparoscopic surgery endometriosis


That should hopefully help with the inflammation from the surgery and so give you more of a chance of your period being more pain-free when it hits. If your period is more painful, longer, or heavier than usual, don't panic. You will have a few stitches in your abdomen so be careful when bending, stretching and washing. During a laparoscopy, a small telescope (laparoscope) is inserted into the abdomen to look directly at the internal tissue. Anyway, I'm armed with what feels like a whole pharmacy and at least I know "why" this is happening and I know it's temporary as you say! For 24 hours following an anaesthetic you are not allowed to drive. In cases of extensive surgery, some people find it easier to return to work part-time at first, or work from home for 1–2 weeks if possible. The fact you've at least had 3 weeks for your body to cope with the surgery would make me feel less worried. It was horrific pain-wise and very long. This is the ideal time to discuss any questions or concerns you have and to agree whether you would like your endometriosis to be treated if it is found. The second period after the first lessened but still felt terrible and unbearable. After my last surgery I got my period two days later. If you are worried about nausea and vomiting afterwards, discuss it with the doctor or nurse beforehand as there is medication that can help with this. Endometriosis could be a condition that happens once tissue almost like the tissue that lines the female internal … Ask them to bring a pillow or rug for the car journey home as the seatbelt can cause discomfort against your stomach and you may feel cold. Normally these are stitches that dissolve by themselves but if you experience any irritation or problems, contact your hospital. It is common to feel emotional after a laparoscopy. You will experience some vaginal bleeding.

If you found this page helpful please consider making a donation. All of this will pass in time and you will begin to feel in control again. Hadn't thought to bring a hot water bottle with me! However everyone's experiences vary greatly. (sometimes my periods sudden;t get heavy day 2 or 3). The heaviness is also manageable at the moment but I'm just hoping it doesn't get worse. So sorry to hear as well that you are all going through this. It was horrific pain-wise and very long. Be gentle and patient with yourself during your physical and emotional recovery. First Period After Laparoscopic Surgery Endometriosis First Period After Laparoscopic Surgery Endometriosis While physical examinations and ultrasounds will generally facilitate to spot adenomyosis, a laparotomy is that the solely thanks to diagnose the malady definitively. I'm really worried about what my upcoming period is going to be like (it was due yesterday but now late - I've heard this is normal).

Remember that we do have a free Helpline, run by trained volunteers that all have a direct experience of endometriosis. My first period after the operation is quite painful but less bleeding. I suppose my question is, was your first period after a lap any different than your normal period, and were you able to 'carry on' with life during it? I have been on them and still remain taking them. It is normal to feel weak and tired for about ten days following a laparoscopy – longer if you have had any surgical treatment. I'm on cerazette which should in theory have stopped my periods but they're just as screwy as always. It was heavy and lasted for a fortnight, but painwise was generally manageable. Content on HealthUnlocked does not replace the relationship between you and doctors or other healthcare professionals nor the advice you receive from them. Can endo come back after total hysterectomy. Pain wise OK, just really gross feeling using pads...couldn't wait for it to be over and it felt like it just went on and on.... Just tell yourself it's temporary and you will be fine. It easies off after three months. I was severly anemic then. I suspect my hormones are still all over the place though as the sore boobs I always get after ovulation didn't disappear with the arrival of my period. Saying that I've heard of many who felt so much better after surgery or even skipped a period. Your doctor may suggest a follow-up appointment between two and six weeks after surgery. Thank you. Pain wise it was much better but vomiting wise it was horrendous. The fact you've at least had 3 weeks for your body to cope with the surgery would make me feel less worried. To be honest I think my surgery was pretty poor and I've now made sure I'll be with an Endo specialist rather than general gynaecologist if I have to have it again. Sorry for the long post - I'm a bit of a worry-guts and any anecdotes / experience would be much appreciated. The hospital will write to you with basic instructions for the laparoscopy – but you may also find the following information helpful: Although a laparoscopy is commonly a day-case procedure, you may need to stay overnight or longer if they treat the endometriosis or if there are complications. As far as preparing it sounds like you're on it. Following a laparoscopy, this excess gas can cause some discomfort. I'd maybe keep a hot water bottle at work too. For more information download our leaflet. You should be looked after following your laparoscopy, so arrange for a partner, friend or family member to come and pick you up from the hospital and stay with you afterwards. My first period after my first surgery last year was just like you describe yours, horrible and scary. Please do continue to talk to your doctor if you are worried about any medical issues.

I started yesterday and it has been more a bit more painful but I've coped. If you have endometriosis, this is a good time to talk about a … First period experiences after Laparoscopy? First period after laparoscopy, in serious pain. © Endometriosis UK, 75 Gloucester Place, London, W1U 8JP | Registered Charity 1035810, Donate today and help us provide information and support to those affected by endometriosis, Subscribe to our e-newsletter for regular updates and how you can help, COVID-19 and endometriosis information hub, NICE Guidelines and Quality Standards on Endometriosis. For the first couple of days after your laparoscopy you need to rest and let your body recover from the procedure. It was heavy and painful for the first couple of days but it quickly evened out and was much easier than normal.

Mine was a bit of a breeze compared to my pre-excision periods. During a laparoscopy, the abdomen is carefully filled with carbon dioxide, this helps lift the abdomen wall from the bowel to help insert the laparoscope. Mine was also quite long ...I think 5 or 6 days with bleeding. What was your first period like after laparoscopy and when did it come? A tube is inserted into your throat to help you breathe during your laparoscopy so your throat may feel sore. I've prepared as much I can (maxi pads, codeine in the work bag!)

We are grateful to www.endometriosis.org for their help with this information. Therefore, your first few periods may be more painful. Therefore, your first few periods may be more painful. Then my next one was fine. However, if you are concerned about the degree of pain, or if your pain is severe, contact your doctor.

As a charity, Endometriosis UK relies on support from people like you. Thank you all so much for your very helpful replies. What makes it worse is that I'm back at my crazy-busy job now and I have so many deadlines in the next week that I cannot easily take time off. vagina!! Remember that we do have a free Helpline, run by trained volunteers that all have a direct experience of endometriosis.

I've still got them now and I'm almost ready to ovulate again. We only intend for this information to help you make any decisions you may face, but not to replace the medical advice from healthcare professionals. I'm 5 weeks post op at the mo and had my first period almost 2 weeks ago. Honestly, men just have NO idea what we are expected to just put up with!!

However, if you are … Please share experience After Laparoscopy. It is possible you may vomit in the car so a bag or bowl would be useful. Maybe speak to your dr about taking ibuprofen daily for a while. Laparoscopies are always carried out under general anaesthetic.

First period following Laparoscopy - Hell.On.Earth!

Sigh. For me it was a contributing factor. It is worth taking a small overnight bag with you. Saying that I've heard of many who felt so much better after surgery or even skipped a period.

It only lasted 5 days instead of my usual 9/10 days. During a laparoscopy various procedures can be performed in order to destroy or remove the endometriosis, endometriotic cysts and release scar tissue (adhesions). Never delay seeking advice or dialling emergency services because of something that you have read on HealthUnlocked. I had a laparoscopy exactly three weeks ago to remove a dermoid cyst from the ovary and, whilst he was there, he removed mild endo from the ligaments behind my uterus. Take some pain killers before hand will help. After my last surgery I got my period two days later. You may find that peppermint oil or peppermint tea help to ease these symptoms. You will have a pre-op assessment with your doctor some time before you have a laparoscopy. Am currently on day 4 of a pain flare (without bleeding) which has come on randomly for no apparent reason, though I expect to start a period within the next week. Gently moving around will help any excess gas to leave your body – but don’t overdo it. You have just had an anaesthetic so you will probably feel groggy and nauseous and perhaps need to vomit. I started my period shortly after my lap (which was 4 weeks ago). and I can cope with most things (even terrible pain) as long I'm not doing something close to a haemorrhage and unable to move for blood (I'm actually quite frightened of this happening to me - I don't usually get very heavy periods). It's worth noting that you may not be able to shower for 48 hours after a laparoscopy, so you may want to make sure you shower before going to hospital. Most people feel some discomfort following the laparoscopy but if you are in pain or are bleeding heavily, do tell a doctor or nurse. Your own slippers and dressing gown will help provide some comfort on the ward.

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