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Kevin wanted Frank to be supportive in his musical endeavours and dreams to be a rockstar, but Frank would only tell him it will never work out. She seems to talk just to hear the sound of her own voice. F Is for Family Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community.

For some reason I always write tragedies idk man. As Vic praises Kevin's honesty, talent, and good-hearted nature, the secret eats away at him, telling himself "I have to kill myself" as he sees it as the only chance at redemption. Eventually, Vic see's how selfish he was and apologizes to Kevin. Kevin shouldn’t have left his mags in such an obvious place, it was like he was asking for Bill to find them.... only Bill isn’t really interested in the girls on the spreadsheet. She also mentions that she drove all over the city looking for her husband during one Valentine's Day. Kevin ends up racked with guilt over this incident, feeling as though he betrayed Vic after Vic had helped him and been kind to him. She is voiced by Mo Collins. In "The Bleedin' in Sweden", during an argument over the broken TV, Kevin tells Frank he hates him. Feeling lost and worthless, he briefly considers suicide.

He thinks that Vic will never ever talk to him again but boy was he wrong, this is kind of a rewrite of the summer vacation episode but they don't take kevin on vacation because he has to go to summer school. Every Sunday after dinner they would play a record called The Carlos Serinidad Orchestra: Strings For a Lazy Afternoon. He did eventually come around, though. A page for describing YMMV: F is for Family. Seeing this, Vic's girlfriend Cutie Pie invites him inside, and, noticing he still has an erection, winds up statutorily raping him. This sends Vic into a rage, after already having lost his job, shooting several things in his home causing Kevin and his friends to flee. Feeling overwhelmed and disrespected, Frank helps him turn the cellar into his own bedroom. Kevin is the oldest of the Murphy kids. The relationship between the three starts to crack in the third season, when Lex and Bolo tell Kevin they no longer wish to perform fantasy-inspired music and would rather play Lifted Riffs-style hard rock to increase their chances of getting girls, prompting Kevin to leave the band and being replaced on guitar by Ben. He is the quick-tempered, foul-mouthed, oldest child in the Murphy family. Although Kevin tried at first to keep his grades up, he ultimately let them slip back down to failures again as he finds school extremely difficult due to his undiagnosed mental disability. To keep up with this, he gets a part-time job selling Christmas trees for Chuck Sawitzki.

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