dwarf cow reticulated python


Excellent knowledge. The staff were helpful and friendly and I can't imagine going anywhere else to purchase a reptile. The goods were in perfect condition on arrival and went straight into the freezer. The manager, Dean, went and brought out loads of baby snakes for us to look at.

Quality service.I bought a female pinstripe Royal Python online & had regular contact with a lady called Heather who kept me up to date with the whole process.

My mum and I arrived at Blackpool Reptiles & Aquatics. I think you made the day of a lot of children who were in the shop today too.

by Robyn. We'd looked elsewhere locally but the animals looked better looked after and also healthier and the choice was far far better. If you want any help with any reptile this is the place to go! All the animals were well presented and the amount of different species was amazing! The man on the phone was helpful and answered all of my questions quickly. We've been back since for further advice as our understanding on what we want and are doing has increased and they've not let us down.

Yet again I spoke to Phil and was given all the information I needed. Wow what can I say this place is by far the best around.

Good selection of reptiles and a new aquatic ares currently being constructed. I've sent messages to FB page with questions and been answered quickly. Always helpful, time for customers, and healthy animals.

Cant thank you all enough and look forward to paying you a visit when it's safe to.

Absolutely faultless in every way. Cow reticulated python for sale This place is amazing, we found it a couple of months ago when we wanted to purchase some frogs, the staff are very euthusiastic and knowledgeable. Very informative staff. ill be coming back in 2 months for another baby bermese python, and don't forget they are moving to another building close buy. I picked some out that I loved the look of and Dean explained how all the genetics worked and the possibilities of crossing the different combinations of snakes.

Super Dwarf Reticulated Python | Feeding Mode Super Dwarf Reticulated Pythons can be great pets, but you really need to understand their feeding mode. If I could show you pictures I would.

The snakes are happily relaxing at home now, switching between laying on their heat mat and swimming in their water bowl. I bought a female het scaleless corn snake albino.she's absolutely gorgeous currently at home now chilling in her Viv.The owner and the staff were absolutely fantastic in the guide of looking after her.The driver who delivered her set her Viv up for me and the temperatures.I'm looking to go back tomorrow and get another one. Amazing shop and amazing staff! Would recommend to anyone. I cant wait to revisit and make my final purchase. Excellent staff who are very friendly just got a 3 month old bearded dragon and the staff very helpful with everything you need, extremely friendly and helpful my son bought a snake from there at Christmas and I haven't a clue what I am doing with his bigger viv I went in today and the guy showed me and talked me through everything I need to know absolutely brilliant service thank you and will be going back and 100% recommend x, Amazing place.

Super Dwarf Reticulated Python | Feeding ModeSuper Dwarf Reticulated Pythons can be great pets, but you really need to understand their feeding mode. Again no problems there and a very reasonable price too. It literally made his birthday so happy with everything that Dean and his team did for me.

Held one, fear turned into fascination, bought one. would 100% recommend to anybody and will be using for everything I ever need, Bought a royal python from these guys, the service was fantastic thanks Dane number 1. I wanted a pet Golden Greek Tortoise so went to a reptile show.

On-road parking. .....Thanks to all the staff......I highly recommend this company, popped to see Dean today after many many years away from the reptile community, Dean as ever was the perfect host and I came away happy with a Purple Passion Royal and setup, can't recommend Dean and his place enough. Definitely be buying from here again and would recommend to anyone, I have been in a few time with my daughter getting all the equipment so she can get a corn snake each time has been a great experience how friendly and helpful the staff are. Absolutely fantastic. Awesome shop with a very good variety and definitely worth a look if in the area. I spent about an hour in the shop with Dean, who made me feel very valued as a customer and I can honestly say that my shopping experience was the best I've ever had! Not only were they very happy to assist me but they taught me so much about snake care and allowed me to get close to boas, pythons and hognose, which was a dream come true. Highly recommended this place and i normally don't get involved with reviews or praise but it's well earned in this instance. Hi there I'm Samuel Parker, Just the best reptile shop in the world, very professional and affordable prices compared to other breeders. They create amazing setups too better than zoo standard. Best in the North West! Excellent shop everything you need , all so helpful and have had support after sale too , can’t fault them. Love this place! They have a vast knowledge of all the animals they stock and of animals they do not but are still happy to help. Store was very clean and there was hand sanitiser at the door. Allowing customers to interact with the reptiles on request. I have now have 5 new family memebers because of how well cared for the reptiles are. Thanks so much to the friendly and very knowledgeable staff, see you soon! If there is a Super Dwarf Reticulated Python you would like which is not on our website…

Thanks guys! Staff couldnt be more helpful. Fantastic range and reasonable prices. Great after service and custom built tank to my specification. Everything went along smoothly & I am extremely happy with my purchase. They give me a better advice on my snakes and the eggs and a good reptile shop, cracking bunch of lads. All of my queries about keeping a corn snake were answered by the young man with curly hair and it was great to know that some of the baby corn snakes in store are produced by him. Again the biggest viv in the north west. I hope to be back and buying a boa from you in future!

Reptiles & Reptile Food and Equipment Specialists.

Dean offered me a fantastic deal for all three and then kitted me out with the supplies I needed. All tanks looked pristine, each decorated in their own way and staff were welcoming. We will always shop here for our reptiles and any other stock we need.

Friendly, expert staff and a huge range of animals and equipment. The reticulated python (Malayopython reticulatus) is a species of snake in the family Pythonidae.The species is native to South Asia and Southeast Asia.It is the world's longest snake and listed as least concern on the IUCN Red List because of its wide distribution. Size: Reticulated Pythons are the world’s longest snakes and typically reach up to 16ft in length as adults.The longest Reticulated python ever recorded was 32 feet in length weighing 350 pounds.

The staff are friendly and will offer the best deals to loyal customers. The guys there have superior knowledge of the animals which are all in clean healthy environments. He also let me hold one of his adult royal pythons which was happy to slither around me whilst I was choosing my snakes. We use this store on a regular bases from buying our 1st bearded dragon and set up to our crested geckos. Great friendly staff and lots to choice from. Best in town. A range of Captive Bred Super Dwarf Reticulated Pythons bred by us along with EXCLUSIVE stock from Prehistoric Pets, and a small range of reliable captive breeders. I've never seen a sickly or distressed animal in my many visits and I would buy with absolute confidence . Great service, great prices, great staff. She has grown quick and is in perfect health. Thank you so much Dane for all your time and trouble. Dean the owner is a great guy to I bought my chameleon last week from the shop, extremely helpful 5 stars all the way, can’t thank u guys enough. Amazing shop!

Amazing place, service was on point and they looked after me and answered all my questions with the assurance that they knew what they was talking about. Would definitely recommend this store for quality animals and customer service. Take extremely good care of their animals.

Unfortunately, your shopping bag is empty. If they dont have it they can get it. Email: sales@blackpoolreptiles.co.uk They are in the process of moving to other premises so I will definitely be going to the new shop to have a good look! Always go out of their way to help the very best they can. They have lots of stock and the staff are really helpfull! nice to go somewhere and talk to people with actual experience. That full story is here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vNv6y... Now I help to teach tons of people to face their fears and see snakes for the lovely creatures that they are!

Super Dwarf and Dwarf retics tend to move faster than mainland animals so can seem more unpredictable but usually they are just being nosey! @ Facebook You will not regret visiting! Would highly recommend, great prices and a great atmosphere, will definitely be visiting again . See the full size pic after the jump.

If there is a Super Dwarf Reticulated Python you would like which is not on our website… Please click on Contact and let us know, we may be able to source it for you. Great staff . Always try and call in when in the area to see what they have in. I keep and breed: Boa Constrictors, GTP (Green Tree Python), Superdwarf Reticulated Pythons, Ball Pythons, Corn Snakes, Rat snakes, Drymarchon, Giant Leopard Geckos, and Florida King Snakes. Dismiss. Courier and Payment Plans available UK/EU.

5* just isn't enough and our son is absolutely over the moon with his new pet. Large stock of lizards, snakes and fish. Dwarf and Super Dwarf retics are stunningly beautiful with great pattern and colours and lively an inquisitive temperaments all in a small sized package that makes them more suitable for the average keeper. Pet Shop License Number: AWL0014, Due to COVID-19 outbreak, orders may be delayed by the postal service.

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