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If the plan didn’t crash do you police detective investigation team think you will detect this drug deal? He has violented immgration laws of png, png Aviation regulations and rules, on going illegal drug trafficking. The majority of the arrests took place in the US with 121 cases, followed by 42 cases in Germany, eight cases in the Netherlands, four cases in the United Kingdom, three cases in Austria and one case in Sweden.
Information may have been licked out by an insider to inform the gang. Four British men were arrested in Australia and New Zealand in an international drugs sting that netted a record haul of potent MDMA, Australian police said Wednesday. It is because of the plan crashed that this idea of drug deal has been evolving and gradually stimulating detective investigation. It was near the makeshift airstrip where a Cessna 402C aircraft, which entered the country from Australia without clearance last Sunday, crashed when it tried to take off with its illegal cargo. PNG Government do not bow down to Australias sweet talks. Sri Lanka Seizes Record $65 Million Worth Of Drugs, Arrests 9 Pakistanis, World News | Agence France-Presse | Thursday April 2, 2020. jQuery(document).ready(function() { Commissioner, a lot of work needs to be done in the RPNGC to rais the standards. Operation DisrupTor used information from another major darknet market raided in April 2019, FBI Director Christopher Wray said. PNG don’t be surprised to know that some high profile persons might be involved. The captured men need to be arrested and toughly questioned including the pilot. “The aircraft travelled to PNG to collect drugs to take back to Australia.

Manning said the drug bust was the largest in the country’s history and the culmination of a two-year operation, and the result of “good detective work” by the Papua New Guinea and Australian police. PNG is just riding on the work done by Australia. Charges included those against a group called "Pill Cosby" that allegedly distributed more than 1 million fentanyl-laced pills in Ohio and against a man who allegedly bought data that belonged to a murdered couple in Georgia.

PNG royal need to pull up you socks as we are into next level of criminal activities in our beautiful country PNG. jQuery('#shs_slider_ul .shs_items:last').after(jQuery('#shs_slider_ul .shs_items:first')); © CBS Interactive Inc. All Rights Reserved. The National is the top-selling newspaper in Papua New Guinea.

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Coronavirus could drive the last nail into the mink fur trade. The deporting of the pilot back to Australia tells that our PNG Government are not serving this nation for the best interest of the 8.5 plus million Papua New Guineas but rather for the best interest of the Ministers and MPs. } function shs_animate(){


High-Profile Drug Dealer Photographed With Bollywood Stars Arrested In Mumbai, Mumbai News | Written by Saurabh Gupta | Thursday December 14, 2017. Without the plane crash you would have never found the drug. In Third Bust In Hyderabad, Drugs That Look Like Toffees, Hyderabad News | Written by Uma Sudhir | Wednesday August 16, 2017. jQuery('#shs_slider_cont').hover(function(){ clearInterval(shs); },function(){ shs=setInterval(function(){ shs_animate(); },7000); }); © 2009 - 2016. Hard to understand the logic here. Darknet drug bust: Feds seize $1.6 million in cryptocurrency, 120 pounds of meth, arrest suspects in LA “The seizure brings to a conclusion the long-time operation that has been overseen by the Royal PNG Constabulary and the AFP and Australian law enforcement,” Bianco said. Stop kidding yourself…the Police in PNG are a joke, what great investigative work do they do on every day situations that gives you hope that they can perform such a “great investigative” work on the international stage? Maski lo selfpromoted. So Dirty Stag analyze your facts before criticizing journalists. “great detective work” what a joke.. and k3000 for the cocaine whilst buai is k10 000. where is the logic here?

Where were the police when operated that way for so many years. I am doubting why the PNG Government, the law enforces especially, allows the pilot to be charged and bailed only under Immigration Act for illegal entry and being deported. 10 Arrested, India News | Press Trust of India | Thursday June 14, 2018. Avgas was provided to the plane yet we don’t have no idea when the fuel came from, where the drugs were stored before transportation to Papa Lealea, who transported the drugs who loaded them on the plane, nogat tru we have no idea. International agencies took down the Wall Street Market, one of the largest dark web marketplaces online. “We now know that the flight landed successfully (but) could not take off due to some mechanical fault. We have done nothing! Australia is right now praising their cops for this drug discovery in PNG. I highly doubt it was the result of good detective work!! What if the airplane never crashed??? Dealers Tried To Sell Drugs To Undercover Cops, Arrested, Offbeat | Agence France-Presse | Friday May 25, 2018.

Investigators said they've tracked down more than 18,000 listed sales to alleged customers in at least 35 states and in several countries around the world. You are correct Dirty Stag, Our Journalist sometimes do not assess properly news reports and articles before posting. Angry Seal Helps Break Up International Drug Ring, Offbeat | Indo-Asian News Service | Friday September 13, 2019. Yet he was only charged for illegal entry and he’s just freed just like that.
The Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) has unearthed an international racket of manufacturing ketamine with the seizure of a huge amount of the banned party drug from Goa, Maharashtra and Gujarat, the agency said. Fearing for an arrest came the action to airlift the Cocaine. The pilot should have been fined more than K10,000 00.

Get the latest tech stories from CNET News every weekday. Sri Lanka's navy seized $65 million worth of crystal methamphetamine and ketamine on Wednesday in the country's biggest drugs bust, officials said. If it meant to be the result from the police detective work then where were you police detective investigation team when this drug deal has been going on for the last two years? The key person is already in Police custody so interrogate him (the pilot) and arrest the rest of the culprits. Operation DisrupTor -- named after the private web browser Tor frequently used to access the dark web -- was led by police in Germany, along with US law enforcement agencies and Europol. We have two printing plants and the paper is simultaneously printed in the capital city of Port Moresby and the industrial city of Lae. If this was by chance how will the Police sweep in and arrest the members of the syndicate in Melbourne, Northern Territory and link it ultimately to the Italian Mafia? No Crash, No news. Welcome to light dumb police nevegads. You’re lucky enough to say that. 308 Kg Ketamine Seized From Goa, Maharashtra, Gujarat. In a major drug raid that spanned six days, officers of the Indiana State Police made 129 arrests and seized thousands of drugs - including ecstasy pills shaped like US President Donald Trump. If the plane hadn’t crashed the arrest would’ve been made in Northern Territory. It is grateful if the police joint operation (by AFT and PNGRC) can now do a ‘successful detective investigation’ and let the people of PNG know who are the founder and operator or who are the participants of these drug smuggling. The dark web is a catch-all name for hidden parts of the internet that you can't easily discover through an online search. The people of PNG deserve the right to know this information since it is a high profile international drug smuggling that PNG is now involved for the past 2 years. They must revealed how they involved and who hired them to perform their respective acts.

function shs_animate_next(){ I don’t think the police would find out if the plane doesn’t crash during take off. It hadn’t crashed before taking off would we still call it “great detective work?

We had all the hard evidence at hand by chance, thanks to their failure. It is only after the place failed to take off/crashed that police and others associated with the investigations got to seize the cocaine. The US worked with police in Europe to carry out the investigation, seizing more than $6.5 million in cash and virtual currencies. In Singapore or Indonesia he would have been condemned to death. “Only in PNG”!!

There’s no credit for the AFP or RPNGC here, no one did good job here to be commended..

Australians did their jobs so they made the arrests. var item_width = jQuery('#shs_slider_ul .shs_items').outerWidth(); By MIRIAM ZARRIGA THE country’s biggest drug bust, involving more than 600kg of cocaine estimated to cost around K160 million, has been hailed as “great detective work” and the result of a two-year investigation by Australian and PNG police.

The US Justice Department announced the largest dark web bust it has ever helped carry out, seizing more than 1,100 pounds of drugs from 179 alleged online dealers around the world. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. The fascinating history of the drive-thru. Three vehicles valued at around $190,000.00, …

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What do you mean caught this by chance?

}); Our Air Traffic Control can not detect on their radar, when this crashed plane was entering PNG. Article Views : 0.

The reason for this prolonged period is to amass evidence through surveillance so that when the perpetrators are arrested there will be ample and cogent evidence to send them away for a long time. Detectives well done but we need more arrest starting from the village, who owns the vehicle that transports the drugs, who was the first on crash site scene, check for contacts etc…etc. August 3, 2020 The National Main Stories. It did not come upon this bust by chance. ................................ Advertisement ................................ © Copyright NDTV Convergence Limited 2020. — Officers from the Harrison Police Department executed three simultaneous search warrants on Primrose Lane in Boone County Arkansas. In a third major drug bust in Hyderabad, four people were arrested by the Cyberabad police on Monday and drugs worth Rs 10 lakh were seized from them. K3,000 fine? function(){ } This would not have made headlines if not for the engine failure. The authorities would have people of interest all listed up and when the plane crashed PNG police would have made the arrest by now. HARRISON, Ark. This is a ‘tip of an iceberg’ – needs thorough investigation to hold everyone responsible for this drug syndicate. Why shouldn’t him being question about his mission or reason to fly into PNG and why landing at Papa Lealea remote air strip without being detected by the radar at Jacksons International Airport? The international operation leads to arrests in the US, Germany, United Kingdom, Austria, the Netherlands and Sweden. var left_indent = parseInt(jQuery('#shs_slider_ul').css('left')) + item_width; jQuery('#shs_slider_ul:not(:animated)').animate({'left' : '-300px'},1000,function(){}); Chandaria is an event organiser who is allegedly known for his star-studded rave parties and A-list clients. We failed to detect this sindicate and their operations.

Donald Trump-Shaped Orange Ecstasy Pills Found In Major Drug Bust, Offbeat | NDTV Offbeat Desk | Monday July 2, 2018.

What Kind of policing is this in PNG? Get real…please there is no real police work or detective work. Reaction on local social media was divided. jQuery('#shs_slider_ul').css({'left':'-300px','width':item_width*total_width+10}); Headquartered in Port Moresby, it has offices in Five (5)centres: Lae, Mount Hagen, Kokopo, Madang and Goroka.

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