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I think it’s interesting when guys like Vince McMahon and The Rock when they see something in somebody that others don’t or you don’t see in yourself.”. Secretly, Chris envies the limitless amount of luck and talent possessed by his younger brother, who appears slightly older than he does. He seems to be quite good looking and boys and girls respect him. Drew rock (everybody hates chris) (Tradução Português do Português). It is only when she takes them into a room saying "we need to talk" when she disciplines them. View the profiles of people named Drew Rock.

He pointed me out. Tonya (played by Imani Hakim) is Chris and Drew's younger sister. Andrew "Drew" Rock, portrayed by Tequan Richmond, is one of the main characters in Everybody Hates Chris.He is fictional as well as Tonya. Despite being Chris' best and only friend, Greg is always quick to abandon Chris when bullies come in order to save himself and also has disagreements with him from time to time. Earth Services is a Southern Illinois based contracting company providing a diverse array of services. He was much shorter then Chris in that episode. Despite being respectful to his parents, he once didn't care what would happen, when he decided to skipped to school meet his favorite hockey player Wayne Gretzky in Long Island. Although his father was seen in one episode his mother is never actually seen. For instance in one episode the narrator talks how Greg has gone from bad to worse like "America under Bush".

Drew is also quite intelligent and is an A grade student. Tonya, às vezes, é muito doce para seu pai, Julius, ele praticamente dá para ela tudo o que ela pede, porém, Rochelle é precavida com Tonya, porque ela é a única garota da família. Drew is a 11 year old boy, very laid-back and can usually get his way by just talking to his parents. The narrator describes her as a "Ghetto Snob", likely because of her cautious behavior towards the way her family is perceived in public. Drew é o bem-sucedido irmão de 11 anos de Chris, que nasceu em Nova Iorque em 1973. Latest on Denver Broncos quarterback Drew Lock including news, stats, videos, highlights and more on ESPN Julius (played by Terry Crews), based on Chris Rock's father, is Rochelle's cheap, frugal, worrisome, levelheaded, and devoted husband and the father of Chris, Tonya, and Drew.

As opposed to the malicious rejection and harassment Chris receives from his peers, Drew is idolized above all of his classmates. He tries hard to fit in with his peers but often finds himself a victim of circumstance. She is noted for the saucy comebacks that she uses to put a stop to any complaints that her children might have. Also, Drew and Chris skipped school to go meet Wanye Gretzky, while on the train, two white men wanted to unreasonably steal Drew's hockey Jersey. People just seem to hate him for inexplicable reasons. Drew (played by Tequan Richmond) is Chris's popular, lucky, talented, athletic, academic, and handsome younger brother.

She is very attractive, and is usually given nice gifts from the neighborhood kids; for example, James (one of her admirers) bought her a car in one episode. Drew e Tonya se dão muito bem, comparados com Chris. Said lectures having been known to last for hours on end and encourage his kids to avoid bringing up such subjects around him. Latest on Denver Broncos quarterback Drew Lock including news, stats, videos, highlights and more on ESPN Whenever Chris has a problem, he goes to Julius, who gives him advice in a confusing manner.

(CHAPTER S04E05 football speaker says "Rock broken up by number 72" last name is mentioned).

Drew also has the talent of copying things he sees off of television, especially karate movies. A série é baseada na vida do comediante e ator Chris Rock. She also gossips with her friend and owner of the salon, Vanessa (Jackee Harry) and the other workers. This expresses her reliance on Julius's two jobs as an excuse to resign and be comfortable at home. Julius Rock, pai de Chris. He coddles Tonya and is more likely than his wife to give her what she wants, and will react with a lecture every time one of his children considers quitting or asks him about receiving money. He wishes he was more like his younger brother, Drew. Rochelle (played by Tichina Arnold) is Julius' very strict, humorously cheeky wife and is the mother of Chris, Tonya, and Drew.

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