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Liberty Victoria is strongly opposed to the Sentencing Amendment (Coward's Punch Manslaughter and Other Matters) Bill 2014. The proposed bill will be based upon the Western Australian so-called “one punch law” which carries a maximum penalty of 10 years imprisonment however, the proposed NSW offence will carry a maximum penalty of 20 years imprisonment. The Victorian government’s introduction of the Sentencing Amendment (Coward’s Punch Manslaughter and Other Matters) Bill 2014 this week has again …

Ultimately, more faith must be placed in the expertise and experience of the judiciary both at the trial and appellate levels to apply the tried and tested purposes and principles of sentencing in each individual case.

The Bill seeks to enact mandatory sentencing (a 10 year mandatory minimum non-parole period for manslaughter in circumstances of a "coward’s punch/ strike" and/or in circumstances of "gross violence"). THE legislation was passed by the Victorian …

We have an expectation that the justice system should be representing what society feels is appropriate and a very strong message needs to be sent out as the justice system is falling well short of what is expected. introduction of coward’s punch laws in WA, sentencing in some recent cases has been lenient and has not reflected the seriousness of the attack. Attorney General, we need your action now.

These are generally opportunistic crimes that do not involve any considered thought before the event.

Find out more about our policy and your choices, including how to opt-out. The court emphasised that “attention must be given to the particular case before the sentencing court” and: … it is unhelpful to speak in terms of a range of sentences, or tariff, for a particular form of manslaughter. En signant ou en vous connectant via Facebook, vous accepter les conditions d'utilisation et la politique d'utilisation des données de Change.org. The Coward Punch sentencing legislation needs an urgent review so it can be used to the full effect as it was intended.

Data from 175 Coward's punch attacks reported in the media between 2005 and 2011. Nous utilisons les cookies pour le fonctionnement de Change.org et pour vous proposer des contenus personnalisés. Thugs who kill people with a single blow, or a "coward punch", will face a decade behind bars under new sentencing laws to be introduced in Victoria. It is anticipated that this new offence/legislation will pass through parliament in the early sittings of 2014. [footnote 2] He stated that 'The Bill will ensure adult offender… Perhaps the worst example is Cl 6(5) in relation to whether a strike is "unexpected" (and therefore a Coward's punch attracting the mandatory minimum 10 year non-parole period), where it provides: "The fact that the offender warned the victim of the punch or strike immediately before delivering it does not mean that the victim was expecting to be punched or struck by the offender”. Please contact Liberty Victoria President Jane Dixon QC or Liberty Victoria Vice President Michael Stanton if we can provide any further information or assistance. MELBOURNE VIC 3001. It cannot be achieved through mandatory sentences created as an overreaction to community fear and outrage. Such myriad sentencing factors and principles can only be effectively combined through a process that utilises the particular expertise and experience of judicial officers. Attorney-General Robert Clark has flagged that Victoria may follow the lead of New South Wales and Queensland and introduce new sentences in regard to deaths resulting from one punch, or a “coward’s punch”. Change the Coward Punch Laws.

The Victorian Parliament is scheduled to vote on the Bil… University of Newcastle provides funding as a member of The Conversation AU. In January, the Victorian opposition promised to create a new offence of death by assault with a maximum 20-year jail sentence if elected. We, the people of Victoria, call on you to review the current sentencing legislation in relation to the Coward Punch law (Sentencing Act 1991 - 9C (3)). Perpetrators of one-punch deaths will soon face 10 years in jail in Victoria, with the state introducing Australia's toughest laws on such killings. That is particularly so when the perpetrator is under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The court observed that “it is not meaningful to speak of one-punch or single-punch manslaughter cases as constituting a single class of offences” because of the wide variation in circumstances of these cases.

We have seen a decline in younger onepunch victims. The court strongly denounced Loveridge’s reprehensible conduct and stressed the need for: … an emphatic response to give particular effect to the need for denunciation, punishment and general deterrence. SO-CALLED coward punch laws have been introduced in Victoria, mandating 10 years' jail for offenders. Hotel quarantine inquiry: Brett Sutton’s evidence called int... Matthew Flame: Trial opens for best friend accused of Liam A... Ex-Sydney teacher groomed boys for sex, court hears. Victorian Council for Civil Liberties Inc Liberty Victoria is strongly opposed to the Sentencing Amendment (Coward's Punch Manslaughter and Other Matters) Bill 2014.

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