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But it was not necessarily designed to provide a great user experience. With this specification, CNAB becomes a compelling method for transporting sophisticated cloud-native applications from network to network–without sacrificing security or requiring copious amounts of manual labor. And this means that CNAB must have a robust “air gap” story. Enable the export of the bundle and all dependencies to reliably reproduce in another environment, including offline environments (IoT edge, air-gapped environments). To anyone who’s worked with Kubernetes, that’s an understatement, as Kubernetes can very quickly become quite complex. We hope this will not be the case, and we think that we’ve covered potential issues (adding custom extensions, custom actions, handling image relocation without mutating the bundle, to name a few), but realizing another part of the ecosystem will only work with a future CNAB Core 2.0 is a possibility until those parts reach stability. Our goal with CNAB is to provide a package management story for the cloud.

And the CNAB group has two more standards in flight. For Docker, CNAB provides a convenient way to encapsulate applications built using core Docker technology, without requiring the user to learn yet another technology stack. Make it completely cloud-agnostic. But our third specification, the CNAB Registry 1.0 Specification, is the last puzzle piece. several groups in Azure are also evaluating the use of CNAB as a delivery and operational pillar. As everything from our daily meetings to our kids’ classrooms has gone online, we are reminded daily of what a potent boon cloud technologies have become. But when it comes to a high-level solution, we are still left doing the orchestration of things either by hand or with bespoke tools. But this doesn’t come without any risks - the most obvious is potentially realizing that the core specifications needs (breaking) changes in order to accommodate distribution or security. From day one, this has been a goal. We had already written a CNAB reference implementation (Duffle) designed to exercise the specification. Finally, we have one more specification in the works. The core specification is written with air-gapped environments in mind, as is the security specification. But we were well aware that Helm is inextricably bound to Kubernetes.

This means that from development through testing, and finally on into release, each step can be verified according to a robust security process.

And right now, the newly released Docker. It is not a platform-specific tool, and developers can bundle applications targeting environments spanning IaaS (like OpenStack or Azure), container orchestrators (like Kubernetes or Nomad), container runtimes (like local Docker or ACI), and cloud platform services (like object storage or Database as a Service). It means that you can build a bundle with tool A, install it with tool B, then upgrade it or uninstall it with tool C - so the following workflow could be possible: The arguments and flags passed to the tools above are not representative. You can dive right in at cnab.io. But let’s take a step back and recap what problems CNAB is trying to solve: You can read an introduction to CNAB, and here you can find the CNAB announcement blog post. So what is CNAB? There are multiple public (and even more still private) projects that implement parts of the CNAB specification, or use CNAB as a way of deployment: If a tool or platform wants to be CNAB compliant, it must implement the core specification, but it can choose not to implement the distribution or security specifications. At the end of last year, they explained how CNAB worked with application templates in Docker Desktop. Why break down into multiple specifications in the first place? We’d love to have you join up, take it for a test drive, and explore the possibilities.

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