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Appearance: They are just Chicks. Take a look here where you can read more on InterAction studios. They are Chicks operating a four-barrelled machine gun. Health: Chicken Invaders (DOS Version) Chicken Invaders: The Next Wave - Christmas Edition was released on 25 November 2003, and was initially intended to be available during the months leading up to Christmas, however, its popularity caused InterAction studios to release this, and all subsequent Editions as standalone games. Incentives are given however for not using the missiles, as players may receive special bonuses (e.g. But just like the last time, our hero went to save the solar system and defeat the Mother-Hen Ship with relative ease, successfully stopping the invasion. They're also using different breeds of Chickens for this invasion, with the "regular" ones being only represented by Chickenauts. In front of the gun there's a display showing how much health it has remaining. Health: The saucer rotates about 90° before really falls and is invincible in the duration. Revenge of the Yolk is the only game in the franchise to be preceded by an Edition version, with its Christmas Edition being released almost 1,5 month earlier. Need to survive in harsh conditions just to get to our hero?

The difficulty increases each time players advance to a new chapter; the enemies move or fall faster, and objects like asteroids will also move faster.

The game is similar to The Next Wave in many respects, with the addition of new game mechanics and featuring 4-player cooperative play. Very UncommonWeakness:NoneStrengths:None All Chickens of this breed use the angry expression, except for the Party Chicken. Not only this, they're also as versatile as normal Chickens, yet they aren't used as often. They're also as much versatile as the adult Chickens. Revenge of the Yolk Easy! Enemy chickens drop eggs as projectile weapons, which the player needs to avoid. Ultimate Omelette While underwater, they also wear diving helmets. Rarity: The main theme of the games is a battle between a lone combat spacecraft and a technologically advanced race of space-faring chickens, who are intent on subjugating (and later destroying) Earth. Sometime after in the neolithic age, humans domesticated them and started exploiting them for food. This time, the Chickens were becoming so desperate that they started making their Chicks fight against him. In The Next Wave, nothing much changed aside from them being now able to wear vests in various colors.

Chickens as of now have three different breeds known. Appearance: In all the waves, chickens attack the player's ship by dropping eggs, which the player needs to avoid. Each 1/4ths taken off, his suit will break more and more. Description: These guys are tough! The game is an MMO, in which players, as recruits fresh out of the Heroes Academy, join the ranks of … Attack: Because of how versatile Ordinary Chickens are, it's no wonder that they're the most common enemy you'll see. In Chicken Invaders (DX Version), they were 3D rendered. Very Rare (Only appeared so far on Epsilon Thalassus)Weakness:NoneStrengths:None The action has improved somewhat over the course of the series, but it’s still really the same ideas and premise that ran through the other games. Rarity: The special editions don't change them at all, except for the Thanksgiving edition, which turns them into turkeys and slightly alters the suit destruction. Chicken Invaders: Revenge of the Yolk (known also as Chicken Invaders 3) is the third game in the Chicken Invaders main series, released on 11 November 2006 as a Christmas Edition, with the regular version releasing on 20 January 2007. It eventually arrived to the Solar System and did that just as the hero noticed this. In Weaving Through Traffic, Chick Loop, Egg Billiards, ... they start firing in turns, otherwise, all Chick Gatling Gun in the field would start firing simultaneously.

After being destroyed, a Chick and a falling UFO will spawn in their place. Now that the Hero stopped their invasion of the Solar System for revenge on humanity, they want to completely destroy Earth. Description: Using Advanced UFO Technology™, these Chickens' eggs can overcome forces of gravity. Points: 13000 The game features 30 bonuses, while weapons can be powered up to 12 power levels (the last one being a secret). The wattles here are also more complex. They are also able to look around since Cluck of the Dark Side. Appearance: They are at least twice as big as an Ordinary Chicken, and their attire varies between each Big Chicken. Weapons can be upgraded up to eleven levels. This tells you the opinion other people have regarding Chicken Invaders Universe v57_1, from "Highly recommended" to "Very dangerous". All Rights Reserved. Their attacks vary wildly between each Big Chicken, but most of the time, their attacks involve shooting eggs at a faster rate than an Ordinary Chicken.

These aren't used as often as the ordinary ones. Their attack also resembles the one their older brethren use: shooting their waste in the direction opposite to which the hero is facing, but they don't do that as often. They are much more disposable, as a Chick is half as strong as an ordinary Chicken.

The game was also the first to spawn an Easter Edition, released on 12 February 2010.[3]. Description: Much larger than an Ordinary Chicken, but not quite the size of a Big Chicken, those guys are some of the toughest troops in the Chicken army. All six main entries in the series have been developed by Prouskas' InterAction Studios, and have been released for Microsoft Windows, OS X, Linux, iOS, Windows Phone, and Android platforms.

[8] CNET also gave The Next Wave 4 out of 5 stars stars, again praising the graphics, but criticizing the lack of a windowed mode.

Health:10000 + Chapter * 1000 Being there since the very first game, the Ordinary Chicken's normal attack is simple - shoot an egg downward (in the direction opposite to which the hero is facing in Cluck of the Dark Side).

He then defeated the Egg Cannon and ended the invasion once again. They are countered by the United Hero Force. First appearance: Pfft! Copyrightdocument.write(" 2000-"+(new Date()).getFullYear()); by Innovative Solutions. [15], Learn how and when to remove this template message, gravitationally rounded object of the Solar System, "Chicken Invaders 3: Revenge of the Yolk", "Chicken Invaders 5: Cluck of the Dark Side", "Because the first Chicken Invaders was so great, it needed a sequel, right? The colors of the vests decided on how many points you got from killing one. Appearance: They are the "pudgy" breed of Chickens that wear a green pilot helmet, sunglasses, a belt, a medal, and something that resembles a swimsuit, typically green. In the meantime, he also curiously stumbled upon the Henterprise retreating, which he still didn't get to defeat.

Health:1750 + Chapter * 250

This time they used the Henterprise to dispatch loads of feathers to block sunlight from coming to Earth, which would result in freezing it over. He still manages to arrive at the Solar System just before the Yolk-Star™ was made operational, and destroys it, ending another invasion. Not only that, they're also quite strong, as they have a lot more health than an ordinary Chicken.

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