book character activities for elementary


How cute are these character concertinas?!

After adopting a cow through a local Dairy Council program, the students wrote, illustrated and published a collection of short stories about fantastical (fictional!) Have the students create a story with the same concepts of differences between people, but use a setting around your school. Exactly how do we do that? Ask the students to include in the discussion the challenges and the results of forgiving someone. Kevin Henkes, Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse, Patricia Polacco, My Rotten Redheaded Older Brother, Joyce Sidman, This is Just to Say: Poems of Apology and Forgiveness. Share some of your own favorite things and discuss how they reveal something about how special you are. Can you commit to doing this? Exploring Narrative Texts PowerPoint – Year 1 and Year 2 PowerPoint. Encourage them to harness this power for good by asking them to write about the ways in which they could enact positive change if they were in a position of power. Keep your promises and follow-through…stay committed, practice, and follow-through – to be your best. and have the students discuss in. While writing itself is an excellent educational exercise, walking your students through the full process of both making and publishing creative work can be the key to making a good lesson great, and that much more memorable. After the discussion, the teacher will bring the class together to come up with a single definition. This flows onto them being able to create their very own characters when they begin to write narratives. Discuss the meaning of the following quote from our 30th president, Calvin Coolidge. Make sure to include in the interview challenges they had to face as well. Time! Make sure the students consider the methods the cars used to find the clues in their list. You may want to find a variety of schedules and timetables. Instruct the students to carry on a discussion about how imagination has been the source of many activities they enjoy today. Use all the knowledge, experience, and common sense you can…proper perspective sheds light on what matters most. Be morally sound and above board…know what is right and do what is right. Who had the funniest sentence? Make sure the students include the difficulties they experienced in forgiving others.
The spookiest maths group activities around! When talking about dependability, we use other words like trust, count on and rely on. One English teacher in particular inspired me to become the person I am today—a writer, a dreamer and, of course, an educator. Phyllis Krasilovsky, The Man Who Didn’t Wash His Dishes. The teacher will discuss with the class the importance of forgiveness. Instruct the students to write about someone in their life who is a hero. I know my “dream job” in elementary school changed weekly and ranged from astronaut to acrobat and everything in between. Stan and Jan Berenstain, The Berenstain Bears and Too Much Pressure, John Burningham, (John Patrick Norman McHennessy) The Boy Who Was Always Late, Priscilla & Otto Friedrich, The Easter Bunny that Overslept, Bill Grossman, The Guy Who Was Five Minutes Late, Phyllis Krasilovsky and Marcia Sewall, The Man Who Tried to Save Time. Asking your students to write about their dream jobs can be an excellent opportunity to help them practice using different research tools, hone their critical thinking skills, or simply inspire them—not only to consider their dreams in depth, but to begin figuring out how to make them come true. Brainstorm a list of the things that should be kept clean. Write a short story about a rocket ship taking off and a crew that is not ready to go. SELECT A CHARACTER TRAIT BELOW BY CLICKING THE (+) TO EXPAND THE CONTENT: This material is from the teaching guides, Ballots for Belva: The True Story of a Women’s Race for the Presidency, Elementary Classroom Activities & Recommended Books. Here are some questions you could ask your students after they watch the above YouTube clip: Use our Character Profile template and have your students complete it about The Rainbow Fish. Divide your class into four groups. Develop a slogan and determine the selling-points for what will make people want to buy it. You might also inspire other teachers like yourself to give their students the same fantastic opportunity. Book Suggestions for Responsibility : Read and discuss a book that teaches a lesson about responsibility. Divide the class into groups of four.

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