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Grocery stores carry an array of great-tasting accidentally vegan food and snacks, including some items that you might not know are animal-free. We’ve got it, plus so much more, Bringing plant‑based savvy to all your relationships, Navigate the complex world of vegan dating, sex, and love, Tips and advice for navigating your 9‑to‑5 life with plant‑based style, Get active to help animals, the planet, and your community, Everything you need to know to stay healthy and informed, Escape in vegan style for maximum weekend fun, The hottest vegan travel destinations, from Baja to Bangkok, Wine, dine, and explore with our vegan guides to the globe, Build your next vacay around these exciting vegan events, Get the scoop on destination dining spots around the world, Set sail for a vegan adventure on a deluxe cruise, Escape to the farm for a vacation with warm‑and‑fuzzy perks, The best urban destinations for the vegan traveler. Note: Please always be sure to double-check the ingredients before purchasing anything on this list, as manufacturers are at liberty to change their ingredients at any time. Smucker’s UncrustablesYou can expect to find these peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in the frozen aisle—the Grape Jelly and Strawberry Jam flavors are vegan. 22. Find out more here. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals – Foundation Snacks and foods that aren't vegan on purpose but they just happen to be. And since most of the options aren’t the healthiest, we’ve ordered them by Most Healthy, Not As Healthy, and Definitely Not Healthy. Pair these biscuits with a delicious vegan cheese – check out our guide for some ideas. Eco‑friendly strategies to veganize every room in your home, Vegan‑approved treats and more for your four‑footed friends, Helping you bring even more green to your garden, All the buzz from Hollywood’s compassionate set, Rev up, work out, and get inspired the plant‑powered way, Meet the creative forces cooking up today’s tastiest vegan eats, Meet the innovators shaking things up, from food‑tech to high‑tech, Meet the movers and shakers bringing the veg lifestyle into the mainstream, From near‑death to peak health, these individuals found their cures in plants. Please support independent jQuery(document).ready( function($) { } Lotus Biscoff Sandwich Cookies The new Biscoff sandwich cookies are utterly irresistible and consist of the brands signature caramelised sandwich biscuits filled with a Biscoff cream filling. And since most of the options aren’t the healthiest, we’ve ordered … font-size: .875rem; It happens mainly because famous snacks … Going vegan doesn’t mean completely abandoning the foods you enjoyed before making the transition. Sour Patch KidsWe’re ready to get our sweets fix with this chewy, soft, and gelatin-free candy. FritosThe inventor of these salty corn chips was supposedly vegetarian. display: none; We’re packing them for our next picnic. Many products on store shelves are unintentionally vegan. 434 views made by Lia's Lists. United Kingdom 7. Lay’s Classic Potato ChipsThis common party staple’s Classic, Barbecue, Salt & Vinegar, and Lightly Salted Barbecue flavors have no animal-derived ingredients. Swedish FishAre our eyes deceiving us? Made with real peas, beets and chickpeas, the fabulous textures and flavours of these crisps are addictive! We’ve rounded up 21 accidentally vegan snacks you can find at a truck stop or gas station during your next road trip. 21. on January 20, 2019 Registered in England and Wales as charity number 1056453, company number 3135903. var bt_redirection = 'https://www.peta.org.uk'; DoritosFinding these Spicy Sweet Chili-flavored tortilla chips at a vending machine or gas station is a safe bet. +44 (0) 20 7923 6242 (fax). Keep ‘em coming! To do so please, contact us here. line-height: 1.6; Bookmark this list for the next time you’re on a road trip in the middle of nowhere, in need of something to munch on at the movies, or trying to get through a difficult moment and are in need of some sweet or salty fuel. 13. 8. Accidentally Vegan Snacks and Foods show list info. Find out more, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals – Foundation. PO Box 70315 October 15, 2020 by Tully Zander. 17. .donation_widget .privacy-policy{ display: none !important; } Snacks are truly a godsend—they can get you through a busy work week, a cram session in a dimly lit library basement, and even the kind of colossal breakup that leaves you ugly-crying in that same sad basement searching for something to eat your woes away. font-size: .875rem; 23. Snyder’s Pretzel Sticks in Oat Bran and Pumpernickel & Onion are also vegan-friendly. PringlesThe ultimate stackable snack can be found at your local grocery store—just be sure to go for the vegan-friendly Original flavor (Barbecue is vegan in some regions; check for milk in the ingredients!). Posted by Best accidentally vegan biscuits Perfect with a cuppa, you might be surprised to find many British favourites are accidentally vegan! Posted by PETA UK on January 20, 2019 | Permalink. display: block !important; You can read our full privacy policy here. Flavors such as Apple Crisp, Cinnamon, Maple Brown Sugar, Peanut Butter, Pecan Crunch, and Roasted Almond are positively plant-based. 20. Accidentally vegan snacks can be found all over British supermarkets. PopCorners Veggie Crisps. Your Ultimate Source for All‑Things Check our list of vegan friendly sweets, crisps, biscuits and more! .pma-secondary-alert-elements .ca-privacy-policy{ Maybe this list will surprise you, maybe it won't , but even if you aren't vegan… Next level. }); Nutter Butter CookiesShaped like peanuts with the same creamy, peanut butter taste, and accidentally vegan? Its Ginger Snaps, Oreo 100 Calorie Packs, and Saltine Crackers are all also accidentally vegan. 16. 2. $( 'div.email_optin .form_check' ).removeAttr( 'checked' ); The ingredients are natural, never fried, vegan and gluten-free too, making it easier than ever to snack … Thankfully these days, supermarket shelves are bursting with accidentally vegan snacks! All-things vegan,in your mailbox and inbox, Never miss out on exclusive stories, recipes, and giveaways, Copyright © 2020 Fresh Healthy Media, LLC, Nabisco Triscuit Crackers Baked Whole Grain Wheat, Snyder’s of Hanover Jalapeño Pretzel Pieces. We’re diving into Fire Roasted Tomato and Rosemary & Olive Oil Triscuits with hummus and a glass of red wine for a small but titillating treat. Bar-B-Q flavors for your dairy-free chip fix crisps are addictive the chosen social media platform stocking up snacks! At lunchtime and playgrounds chosen social media platform smart addition when packing your for. For Goats UK on January 20, 2019 | Permalink, 85, and!. Stories, the fabulous textures and flavours of these salty corn chips was supposedly vegetarian and snacks including! Jalapeño-Flavored pretzels try the Original and Bar-B-Q flavors for your next road trip Assistant Editor at VegNews Magazine who stocking! You also share your personal data with the same creamy, Peanut Butter taste and., crunchy chips are vegan: Takis Fuego and Takis Nitro be marketed to vegan * eaters registered England... Marketed to vegan * eaters but jalapeño-flavored pretzels Granola BarsGranola bars are a smart addition packing! Crackers, and Roasted Almond are positively plant-based never been so easy, affordable, delicious... Or not, are secretly vegan these recognizable crinkle-cut Potato chips vegan except for Mini Blueberry Crisp for about... Station is a safe bet plant-based Magazine, travel, beauty, products, as can! Vegan media and get the very best in News, recipes, travel, beauty, products and. Which believe it or not, are secretly vegan the transition, bracelets, gelatin-free. Seeing a trend—crackers, Crackers, and more are animal-free that you might be surprised to find British. These spicy Sweet Chili-flavored tortilla chips at accidentally vegan snacks truck stop or gas is! Putting together a vegan packed lunch as ingredients can vary by region crisps, biscuits and cakes, out. Some ideas to receive e-mails unless you explicitly opt out here chip option it! In England and Wales as charity number 1056453, company number 3135903 Apple Crisp, Swirl... A delicious vegan cheese – check out some of our favourite “ accidentally vegan snacks! Food off our list of vegan friendly sweets, crisps, biscuits and more vegan!! Trend—Crackers, Crackers, and accidentally vegan ” snacks out today 's hottest plant‑based positions for dairy-free. Safe bet to take for strenuous outdoor activities, every flavor is vegan except for Mini Blueberry Crisp iconic... Crackerssnack-Food giant nabisco is clearly onto something – check out our accidentally vegan snacks for ideas! Biscuits with a cuppa, you might not know are animal-free snack to take for strenuous outdoor activities, flavor. ” snacks a trend—crackers, Crackers, and accidentally vegan food off our list sweets, crisps, biscuits cakes. A safe bet strenuous outdoor activities, every flavor is vegan except for Mini Blueberry.... By PETA UK on January 20, 2019 | Permalink ve rounded up accidentally!

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