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With the Covid-19 spreading like wildfire, avoiding germs is a must. 0 1. IN STOCK AND READY TO SHIP Never Touch a Screen Again The CleanKey allows you to avoid touching public touchscreens, door handles, and buttons. Water Meter Key with Box Lid Key: CleanKey Brass Hand Tool: 1/2 in. It’s made with premium copper alloy, features a stylus tip that works … Buy more, save more: 3 for $54.99 (Save 8%) 5 for $84.99 (Save 15%) 10 for $159.99 (Save 20%) The CleanKey™ … KeySmart: JONES STEPHENS: Blue Flame: Name: 1/2 in. Its compromised of Solid 260 Brass Alloy with 70% Copper. CleanKey is a brass tool that is about 3 ½ inches ends to end and about the same length as the KeySmart Pro. Constantly … The CleanKey™ is the safe and easy way to avoid touching contaminated surfaces. x 48 in. I’m absolutely in love with the CleanKey! Length Street and Curb Water Meter Key: Straight Gas Valve Kit Includes Brass Valve, Floor Plate and Key … It's made from Antimicrobial 260 Brass Alloy that kills 99.9% of bacteria within 2 hours. With the CleanKey… x 30 in. CleanKey Is In-Stock & Shipping Within 48 Hours! I got the KeySmart CleanKey and This is What Happened by Frankie. This is good for one … KeySmart CleanKey™ Antimicrobial Hand Tool: Never Touch A Contaminated Surface Again!

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