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Experts disagree on the symbolism of the original barn stars. The distance between S and F is the Fresh Water Allowance (FWA)mm = Displ / (4 x TPC).

The height of each mark is 10 cm and the distance between the mark in 10 cm. The new position of the transverse metacentre. These marks are used to verify the draft of the ship in any loading condition.

Forward, or …

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In simpler words draft mark tells us what is the ships depth at that time.

If the water is in line with the top edge of 10 M, then the draft is 10.10 meters and so on.

In 1872, he published a work entitled Our Seamen, which became well known throughout the country.

So, wait a minute, according to these load lines, only the least amount of cargo is loaded in seawater of the winter North Atlantic Ocean although it’s the most buoyant. They didn't share their plain neighbors' rejection of color and decoration and introduced their own folk art style to the Pennsylvania landscape. Passenger ships having spaces which are adapted for the accommodation of passengers and the carriage of cargo alternatively may have one or more additional load line marks corresponding to the subdivision drafts approved for the alternative conditions.

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