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A prism illustrates this theory. "[5], A 2004 study found that it was a common read-aloud book for fourth-graders in schools in San Diego County, California[6] while based on a 2007 online poll, the National Education Association listed the book as one of its "Teachers' Top 100 Books for Children. A Bad Case of Stripes by David Shannon. They tried to solve the problem by calling the doctor so the doctor could help her . The illustrations have an excellent function of creating the setting, as there is specific detail of characters and symptoms of the case of stripes.

“A Bad Case of Stripes” has one of the most creative illustrations I have ever seen. Bright yellow, red, purple, green, and blue are commonly shown throughout the book. David Shannon was born October 5, 1960, Washington, D.C.

Finally, she melts and merges into her room after an environmental therapist tells her to “become one with the room”. Camilla is teased by her classmates and talked about on the news, both of which affect her mental and physical states. Publisher: Blue Sky Press (Scholastic Press), Tags: Picture Book, Fiction, Diversity, K-5, Taylor Krueger. When the doctor, specialists, experts, and many others cannot figure out what’s causing the stripes, a little old woman appears with what just might be the cure.

For example, when light crosses through a window, it is refracted and can create a rainbow. Author: David Shannon Plot Summary: Camilla cares very much about what her classmates think of her—so much so that she pretends that she doesn’t like one of her favorite foods, lima beans, because the other kids in her school hate lima beans. This book is a representation of a multimodal text, as the words and illustrations interact in order to fill in the gaps for the reader. The media is supposed to objectively present facts, but are there times when news reporting crosses a line? An alternative theory of identity is essentialism. Light refraction is the bending of light, or the change in direction of the rays as it moves past a boundary. A Bad Case of Stripes has a wonderful theme and really lends itself to student practice. The freebie is a great follow-up activity to do after you've had some time for classroom discussion. Do we define ourselves based on who we think we are, or who others think we are? Although it is controversial, the idea of self-consciousness persists and is addressed in A Bad Case of Stripes. Whether or not what the reporters do is bullying is an interesting question. A Bad Case of Stripes by David Shannon is a great book for teaching individuality, or being unique. Do people change depending on the people or places that surround them? S how a simple demonstration of how we bend light by u... A Bad Case of Stripes by David Shannon is a great book for teaching individuality, or being unique. Camilla’s classmates are a textbook example of children who tease other children, thus acting as bullies. The illustrations extend the text of the book, and they allow the reader to have an image in their head of what the words mean. Many specialists and media networks were intrigued by this outrageous case, and Camilla’s case only got worse as her stripes turned to stars, roots, and even walls.

There are just so many wonderful books to choose from that go perfectly with the start of the school year. At home, Camilla goes through a number of increasingly preposterous metamorphoses such as turning into a pill after being given one, having viruses, bacteria, and fungus colonies grow on her body after the community's expert scientists discuss these as a possible cause while examining her, growing roots, berries, crystals, feathers, and a long furry tail after receiving different medicine. What does that do to her identity? Is it important to care about what other people think? I read aloud A Bad Case of Stripes while the students closed their eyes and the students created Camilla Cream how they visualized her in the story!

How does bullying hurt someone? The school teachers worry that her condition may be contagious, so the principal sends her home. A Bad Case of Stripes is a children's book by David Shannon published in 1998 by Blue Sky Press, a division of Scholastic Press Plot summary.

The text is direct and explains the plot, while the illustrations amplify the words and give a greater understanding for the reader. make a rainbow and other weather experiments (TAYLOR: This is the experiment that I was talking about for Friday's presentation), Spring is here! What should a person do when he or she sees bullying occurring? This is a novel study for A Bad Case of Stripes by David Shannon. [8], "Interactive Read-Alouds: Is There a Common Set of Implementation Practices?

Camilla develops ‘a bad case of stripes,’ which seems to change as people try to figure out what is wrong with her. While she has the case of the stripes the lines are jagged and give an uneasiness to the reader, as there is a feeling of anxiousness from the images that contributes to the mood of the reader. There is also a poster for Theme!

Use a prism to demonstrate this. She is always called ‘Camilla,’ but it seems that by the time she has morphed into the walls of her room, there is really no recognizable Camilla left. The setting took place at a girls house and her school. A Bad Case of Stripes can also be used to discuss bullying. The way Camilla’s classmates treat her is a matter of ethical concern. He concluded that identity is linked to consciousness of self. Camilla Cream loves lima beans but refuses to eat them because people tell her they are gross. In this way, the function of identity is raised: is it something one defines for oneself or is it something that is defined by others?

It would seem her physical identity is an accidental property, as it changes, and she still believes herself to be Camilla. A Bad Case of Stripes - Kindle edition by Shannon, David, Shannon, David.

A Bad Case of Stripes discusses ethics and metaphysics, by highlighting self-perception, identity, peer pressure, and bullying. *Ready to Use!!! There are many illustrations that show the main character, Camilla Cream, having a frown or open-mouth showing her disgusted and worried emotions. A woman is shown talking about Camilla on TV – what is it she is doing?

Does the reporter have a duty to share Camilla’s story with the public? These are the kinds of moral issues about bullying presented by A Bad Case of Stripes. This relates to the current issues of the influence from peers and classmates of children to have a greater impact on their life, rather than having a child be confident of themselves. The cooperation of the text and images enhance the overall setting, character development, and theme of the book. Reported resources will be reviewed by our team. A Bad Case of Stripes is a children's book by David Shannon published in 1998 by Blue Sky Press, a division of Scholastic Press. Is it ethically wrong to report sensational news. She was scared of her first day of school, which led to her diagnosis of a bad case of stripes.

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