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1 Episode (2012), Bill Hader in: Content. 1 Episode (2012), Keith Leonard Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Fey started by casting herself as the lead character, Liz Lemon. 145 Episodes (2006-2020), Jack McBrayer 1 Episode (2007), Dave Miner Mo'Nique Lookalike 1 Episode (2007), Ned Eisenberg "[45] Some less favorable reviews were received from Brian Lowry of Variety. Served as a doctor in the First Gulf War.

1 Episode (2008), Brian Haley Administrator 1 Episode (2011), Andie MacDowell Mama, I am not a person. 2 Episodes (2012-2012), Margaret Anne Florence 1 Episode (2010), Kevin Yamada Himself he sees only a white haze when he looks in a mirror. TV Database Wiki.

2 Episodes (2009-2010), Linda Mendoza An English insurance claims adjustor whom Liz met in the recovery room after a dental operation. [11], In 2002, Fey, who was the head writer and a performer on Saturday Night Live, pitched the show that became 30 Rock to NBC, originally as a sitcom about cable news.

1 Episode (2007), Suze Orman 1 Episode (2008), Tracey Wigfield Dennis Duffy (Winters, left) and Liz Lemon (Fey, right) were in a relationship in the middle of the first season. “I thought you made love like an ugly girl.

She was kidnapped by Kim Jong-Il at the end of season five and married to his son. Herself

Liz Lemon Jack Donaghy Jenna Maroney Tracy Jordan Kenneth Parcell Pete Hornberger Frank Rossitano Explore. Trick/Lost Girl; Miriam Lass; Vampire Diaries; Law & Order SVU: Surveillance; Mia Smoak; … Kevin All minor and major characters from 30 Rock. For another, the slowly-built reveal that he was an actual immortal being was a perfect example of the sort of weirdness this show got away with. The list you're viewing is made up of many different items, including Liz Lemon and Jack Donaghy. 1 Episode (2009), Robert Carlock 31 Episodes (2007-2020), Ken Whittingham Marty Kevin

2 Episodes (2010-2012), Margaret Cho Dick Lemon [22] Season 1 is currently available for streaming on Netflix, which requires a paid subscription. Herself 2 Episodes (2009-2012), Ann Curry You can click each image for a larger picture of the character, and in some cases you can click the character's name for a more detailed description. 1 Episode (2008), Tim Meadows The sublime absurdity of Margaret Cho’s impression cannot be understated. A recurring story arc early in the season revolved around Jack's request that Liz cast a new actor for TGS, and Liz's subsequent search for the perfect comedian, much to the dismay of Jenna and Tracy, who fear losing their spotlight. 1 Episode (2009), Cynthia Nixon

But here’s what matters: Liz Lemon taught us that yes, women can have it all. Reggie

Himself Much like Liz Lemon, we learned a lot from Jack Donaghy. 1 Episode (2012), LL Cool J A pack of wild dogs took over and successfully ran a Wendy's!

1 Episode (2010), Karen Culp [27] Keith Powell played black Harvard alumni writer James "Toofer" Spurlock. 6 Episodes (2007-2008), Salma Hayek Himself Jenna’s one true love challenged gender and sexual norms in only the way a character played by Will Forte can, and his character’s surname is the sort of inside joke that every TV writer can appreciate. Tracy Jordan Jon Hamm played Liz's love interest and neighbor for several episodes. Almost all of her favorite food involves some sort of cheese (Cheesy Blasters, … Salesman Lance On March 5, 2010, NBC announced 30 Rock had been renewed for a fifth season, which is set to air in the 2010–2011 TV season. 1 Episode (2010), Andrea Mitchell

1 Episode (2007), Sam Means Herself Shortly following the casting of McBrayer and Dratch, Alec Baldwin was cast as Jack Donaghy, the "totally uncensored" Vice President of Development for NBC/GE/Universal/Kmart. 1 Episode (2011), Bryan Cranston [32] Judah Friedlander was later cast as the staff writer of The Girlie Show, Frank Rossitano.

1 Episode (2012), Ghostface Killah Assistant 1 Episode (2011), Chris Kerson 145 Episodes (2006-2020), Tracy Morgan One of the best creative decisions made by “30 Rock” was giving Liz Lemon a real chance at love, and making her work for it with a partner who wasn’t a perfect match, but ended up being the right man for her. 30 Rock is filmed in New York City. 1 Episode (2010), Ice-T The character himself was relatively well-meaning and sprightly. And don’t even get us started on the Emmy champs!). 77 Episodes (2009-2020), Elaine Stritch Unfortunately, this mega-WASP was more trouble than she was worth, making it impossible to enjoy the rare sight of Alec Baldwin with a (slightly) older woman.

You know what? Frank Frank never demonstrated any noticeable talents, but his hat and prank game were infallible. Rosemary Howard Oh, how we wish he and Liz would have lasted a little longer. Young Tracy 144 Episodes (2006-2020), Judah Friedlander She's interested in things other than his permanent love and affection. Don Geiss

Jack Donaghy. 1 Episode (2007), Jack Burditt Much like Liz Lemon, we learned a lot from Jack Donaghy. Saleswoman [55] "Jack-Tor" and "Tracy Does Conan" were both nominated in the category of Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series.

Lester Holt

1 Episode (2011), David Wilson Barnes Liz Lemon The NBC page who is a Wide-Eyed Idealist despite how he's treated by the staff of TGS. 145 Episodes (2006-2020), JoAnn Alfano

Mary Steenburgen as Jack’s mother-in-law? Richmond wrote the theme song, which won a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Main Title Theme Music.

Her real name is Richard. 2 Episodes (2011-2012), Rachael Ray 30 Rock returned with a third season as part of NBC's fall schedule, airing immediately after The Office.This season was proclaimed as the show's best season, especially after Tina Fey's highly praised performance as Sarah Palin on SNL.

1 Episode (2010), Christine Toy Johnson 11 Episodes (2011-2012), Gail Mancuso 2 Episodes (2012-2012), Anita Gillette Cat Subverted in that his entire storyline in this episode was a daydream he had prior to arm-wrestling Frank, a match he immediately loses. Jack ends the season working at a new government job in Washington, D.C., but plans to get fired. Shut the hell up. We refuse to pick one singular quote that represents Chris Parnell’s incredible cameos over the course of the show’s run… Okay.

2 Episodes (2010-2012), Billy Bush

30 Rock character roles from every season are included, along with the names of the actors who play them. Part of a Love Triangle with Jack and Avery for that season. A puppy committed suicide after he saw our bathroom! Inspired by Saturday Night Live, the show premiered on NBC in the fall of 2006 and stars Tina Fey as Liz Lemon. http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Characters/ThirtyRock. Liz's second boyfriend.

Herself, Meredith Vieira Himself 1 Episode (2012), Novella Nelson Liz's reaction indicates this is a common thing as Jenna seems to believe anyone is out to "steal my spotlight" even when she's cast as a nameless extra. Or maybe it’s just the way he said our favorite phrase: “Hey, dummy.”. http://blog.wired.com/monkeybites/2007/08/nbc-universal-d.html, https://30rock.fandom.com/wiki/30_Rock?oldid=6361. YOU SUCK, JORGENSEN. 30 Rock is a half-hour sitcom about the backstage workings of a fictional sketch comedy show, The Girlie Show with Tracy Jordan. Andy Samberg Admiral

We never really got a glimpse of him in action during “TGS,” but he appeared enough to make it clear that he was a key touchstone of the show-within-a-show. The extension will feature Jack Donaghy's Online Business Courses (or Jack U). 1 Episode (2011), Tyler Merna Liz Lemon Jack Donaghy Jenna Maroney Tracy Jordan Kenneth Parcell Pete Hornberger Frank Rossitano Explore. Greenzo Jack met her at an art gallery. Herself 1 Episode (2010), Lester Holt 1 Episode (2011), Jacob Ming-Trent Kenneth: Who said I've been alive forever? But it’d be good to confirm that. No. The show is produced by Broadway Video and Little Stranger, inc in association with NBC Universal and airs on the NBC network in the United States.

Himself Jack proceeds to wreak havoc on The Girlie Show, forcing Liz to hire the off-the-wall movie star Tracy Jordan, and then again angering the cast and crew of The Girlie Show when he changes the name to TGS with Tracy Jordan (or just TGS). Oh my God! Grizz So present, so grateful.” It’s a rough joke, but a funny one, and such a good reminder of why Senator Celeste Cunningham was one of Jack Donaghy’s greatest loves.

“30 Rock” always danced on the line between reality and cartoon, but Hazel was basically CGI. A NBC Executive who regularly calls for changes on TGS. [8] Later, the series was honoured with a prestigious Peabody Award. [2] The first season was comprised of 21 episodes. Colleen Donaghy a former tenant of his mother's who is now a liberal history professor, leaving it unbuttoned allows the jacket to flare outwards, giving the illusion of a slimmer waist. Sign Up: Stay on top of the latest breaking film and TV news!

They later break up.

1 Episode (2010), Carrie Fisher Like the previous season 3, it also consisted of 22 episodes. 1 Episode (2011), John Lithgow

Hank Hooper 3 Episodes (2009-2010), Kelsey Grammer

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